Posh Product Review: The Naked Bar Pit Cream

I've finally found my holy grail of natural deodorant: The Naked Bar Soap Co's Pit Cream. I won't dig into the perils of using traditional antiperspirants and why they're bad for you (there's a fairly detailed post at COCOTIQUE.com though, that you can read over if you want to know more), but they are really not good for us, and after finding this out a couple of years ago, the hunt was on for an all natural version. 

I tried several brands, including TOMS and Jason's, but they all failed and left me sticky, sweaty and generally gross under my arms. Then a few months ago, I got a sample of Pit Cream in one of my monthly boxes from COCOTIQUE so I figured, "What the heck? Let's give it a try". And it worked. My goodness it worked! The application was super smooth, it had a pleasant but not overwhelmingly fragrant scent and it kept me fresh while at work for several days in a row. 

The ultimate test came when I wore it while running the Annual Golf Classic for my then company--a 10-11 hour day, outside, in the hot June sun. I'll be honest, I did sweat a bit under my arms--but like...a dampening. Not flowing sweat that dripped down my sides. I just could tell that my pits had moistened, but still--no musty smell whatsoever. I've been using Pit Cream religiously ever since. And, another pleasant side effect: it doesn't irritate my eczema like "regular" antiperspirants, and the dark patches of skin that tend to result from my eczema? They lightened with continued use of the Pit Cream. 

So now to the nitty gritty details like the ingredients and how Pit Cream does what it does:

"One of the most important features of Pit Cream is that it is a deodorant not an antiperspirant. In commercial deodorants, active ingredients containing aluminum compounds clog pores to prevent sweating. {In Pit Cream} Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which kills odor-causing bacteria. The combination of baking soda and cornstarch makes for a naturally drying deodorizer. Shea and cocoa butter are used for healing and moisturizing properties. Pit Cream is lightly scented with Tea Tree essential oil, which is beneficial for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions. Combining all of these ingredients together formulates the ultimate odor fighting cream – Pit Cream!" - excerpt from an interview with the co-founders of The Naked Bar Soap Co.

Pit Cream comes in a cute little eco-friendly container, and the company even shipped me a bonus gift of a sweet little bath bomb. PLUS, the company was co-founded by two women entrepreneurs! Got enough reasons to love the idea of Pit Cream? Great--now go, buy, and try it for yourself. You can purchase Pit Cream through the COCOTIQUE site, or at The Naked Bar Soap Co. website.

Have you tried all-natural deodorants before? What was your experience?

Drinks Well With Others

What happens when you combine white wine + adorable table decor + my cheesy spinach dip (recipe here) and other delectable goodies? You end up with an absolutely fun-tastic, stuff-your-face, giggle fest, therapy session of a girls night! 

The girlies and I headed over to Mrs. C's house over the weekend for our 2nd annual post-holiday get together--a much needed bout of quality time with each other and the minis. They played while we snacked, sipped and got caught up on what we've all had going on. 

Mrs. C got all fancy with the cutest little bar decor, including sassy striped straws, and fun colored, disposable wine glasses. The best way I can think of to make something more fun, is to also make it pretty!

We usually keep it pretty casual style wise for evenings in, and I wore my favorite denim bubble-skirted dress so that I could comfortably over-eat (sometimes a girl has got to treat herself!). It's my equivalent of pants with an elastic waistband, except impossibly cuter. ha! Notably, GG rocked a few well-layered accessories pieces that I couldn't help but snap. 

Style tip: Layering a statement necklace along with a longer complementary piece makes even a simple tee stand out. 

Hope you are having the most stylish of weeks! 

5 Ways to Update Your Signature Look in the New Year

Any time is a great time to update your signature look if you're feeling in a rut. For many though, the new beginning represented at the start of each year is the ideal moment for implementing positive change. 

It is much easier than you think to update your signature look and it does not involve spending inordinate amounts on a new wardrobe. These simple and effective tips can pull you out of your style rut while helping you to stay true to the things that make your style uniquely yours. 

Update your signature look by...

The addition of a statement necklace to a simpler piece like a tee shirt, a solid colored top or a shift dress can embolden that simple piece and your entire look. Transform a coat by adding a wide belt to change the shape. Wear a clean, uncomplicated look--but then add a daring pair of heels. A single accessory can be the defining focal point for your entire outfit.

Mixing and matching colors and prints. 
Used to wearing all black? Wear more head to toe color. You can start small by incorporating a pop of color via a vivid scarf or handbag, then pairing a brighter top with a dark bottom in deep gray or navy as opposed to black. 

Already way into color? Try new pairings that seem interesting, but that you have yet to try. Last year I discovered how much royal blue and fuchsia I had in my closet and couldn't stop wearing it

If you've mastered the color wheel, why not try your hand at mixing and matching prints? Polka dots look great with stripes, or you could alternate the same pattern in different colors. Just be sure to keep the proportions of the prints similar to avoid pattern overload. 

Trying on a trend. 
This year, why not try one new shape, style or trend--something you thought you would never ever try. I'm mostly a dress wearer, but last year I decided to try wearing jeans a little more often. If you mostly wear pants, why not try out a couple of skirts? Choose one trendy piece that you've seen in your visual travels, but pair it with something that is distinctly your style so that you feel more comfortable in it (this is not intended to be an investment piece, but an experiment to pull you out of your comfort zone--so don't spend wildly on it). Maybe you've been wanting to get into vintage or consignment shopping. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's something you haven't done before. 

Testing out new hair and beauty looks.
Hair and beauty play a large role in finishing a look. Play around with yours to see how they can elevate certain clothing styles. Can you flip a daytime look to evening by putting your hair up and swiping on a red lip? (answer: yes) Could wearing your hair in a top knot with that v-neck or backless top or dress elongate your neck? (answer: also yes). Maybe all it will take is a new haircut or learning how to do a smokey eye to take your style to new heights this year. 

Investing in quality foundation pieces. 
Under garments have always been key to the foundation of building an outfit. Making sure you have on the proper colored garments that won't show through thin fabrics, wearing the right underwear for getting rid of panty lines or providing covering for sheer pieces--all these things help to keep an outfit trim and tasteful. And brands like Spanx and Yummie (and even Target has a line of shape wear) understand and cater to the way the modern woman wears her clothes. Shape wear pieces smooth things out, lift things up and pull things together neatly--in short, great shape wear can completely change the fit and look of your outer pieces; and it can make you feel more comfortable about what you're wearing. Don't be afraid to invest in foundational pieces for your wardrobe. 

If you're still unsure about how you can update your look, why not work with a personal stylist? I can help. Head over to my profile at Keaton Row for details. 

Here's to a style savvy new year!

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My Favorite 2014 Posh Posts

Happy New Year's Eve! 

I hope that your holiday season has been one filled with love and reflection. Mine certainly has been as 2014 was not a banner year for me. There are a few reasons for that, which I won't get into, but suffice it to say some tough decisions had to be made and I'm dealing with the ramifications of those decisions. But I am so hopeful, you guys! No matter how rough things have been over the past several months, I just know that everything is going to work out in my favor and that beautiful things are on the horizon. Life is full of ebb and flow, and I had a long stretch of really really amazing years full of newness and adventure and excitement, so as the nature of balance goes, there had to be some not so great times to come around. I'm choosing to look at 2014 as a year where things had to be torn down and stripped bare, and at 2015 as my year of rebuilding! I can't wait to see where the year will take me! 

In the midst of the drama, my posh little baby here on the web got a bit neglected, but blogging is still one of my loves and I am looking forward to getting creative and producing some fun content in the new year. Despite the slow down in posting there are still a few 2014 pieces that have emerged as my favorites--maybe some of them are yours too. And if you missed them, here's your chance to catch up! 

Wishing you all the LOVE and MAGIC you can handle in the new year! Cheers to our style savvy lives, dolls! xx

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Sparkle in Sequins for New Year's Eve

Still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? Shine brightly for a fun evening in one of these deliciously sparkly confections! Shop them now through my 'Dressed for the Holidays' Lookbook at Keaton Row. Or for personalized styling options, you can sign up as a personal styling client and get recommendations tailored to your style. 

Hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous Christmas holiday! I have a tiny bit of final shopping to do today, then I have to wrap everything and I'm all set! I'm hosting Christmas at my home this year and I'm thrilled to have my loves around me. Wishing you love and magic. 

Shop NYE Style:

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