How to Not Look Like a Horrible Exhausted Mess (Even When That's Exactly How You Feel)

Sometimes I wake up feeling like a horrible exhausted mess. A tired, unmotivated, old makeup smeared mess. By grace most days lately, I am able to stay in my pajamas if I need to. But there are days when that's not an option and I have to think about what I'll need to do to look like a presentable human being; how I can pull it together to go out into the world; and how much I don't want to look like I feel. You've been there, right? 

There's a few things we can do to look presentable and as close to our naturally gorgeous selves as possible--while also avoiding those "You like tired. Are you okay?" comments from coworkers and random neighbors we only run into in the grocery store when we're not looking our best. And each of the things I'm suggesting requires little to no effort. Promise. 

Posh Beauty // 8 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Moisturized & Eczema Free

A few months ago I had a real breakdown over the condition of my skin. Like, 'uncontrollable scratching, real tears, go directly to Patient First without passing go' kind of breakdown. I had to cancel a business call and drag the teen out of the house on a school night, and even wearing my clothes felt painful. That experience was enough for me to finally decide that, well...enough is enough.

I've set a beauty goal for 2015 to be vigilant about getting control over my extreme eczema. I'm waging all out war on it: the dry, dark, itchy patches of skin; the unexplainable rashes; feeling self-conscious about marks on areas like my face and neck; sometimes being unable to sleep because of the inflamed skin and irritation--all of it. Thankfully, through proper diet and caring well for my skin, I can minimize the effects. If you're dealing with something similar, here are a few ways we can combat it together: 

How To // Be Both Warm and Well-Dressed This Winter

Last week my cousin Tionah asked me for a quote about winter style--specifically dressing stylishly and safely, during the winter months--for her journalism class, and of course I said yes. Then, after writing it and sending back to her I thought, "This is totally blog post worthy! What woman who lives where it's cold out isn't currently engaged in the epic battle between being warm vs. being well-dressed?!"

With the Northeast portion of the country experiencing freezing temperatures, this is the perfect time for the woman who wants to look polished while keeping warm, to play around with texture, and to mix and match fabrics to create a composition of style and function. 

Wine Tasting at Woodhall Wood Cellars

I have a confession: I love wine. But, that's not the confession part. My secret shame is that I sometimes have the palette of a 19-year-old, who wants to appear grown up by sneaking sips, but doesn't really know how to properly handle an adult beverage. That is to say, I likes 'em sweet. 

When I'm in my friendly neighborhood spirits distributor and purchasing purely for my own, in-home enjoyment, I usually go for a Moscato, a Riesling or a sweet red (this is, of course, when I'm not drinking champagne which is my absolute favorite spirit--and the champs does not have to be sweet. I know. Stay with me, though). 

All Dressed Up in Love // Valentine's Day Style

 Get Dressed for Valentine's Day

Red is my power color. I wear it whenever I want to feel fiery, powerful and unstoppable. I'm also a huge fan of pink; it's such a sweet, girly confection of a color and something about it just invokes fun. 

And while I'm not a huge proponent of wearing specific colors to celebrate holidays, Valentine's Day is, for obvious reasons, one day where I'm willing to overlook my normal objections! 

If you want to look warm and fiery on this Valentine's Day, go ahead and cozy up to the color red. Feeling more flirty? Get pretty in pink! If you're feeling classic and sexy though, an LBD is always a solid choice.