How to Pack with Style for Your Next Vacation

With the right preparation travel can be infinitely less stressful, leaving you more relaxed and ready to focus on the joys of your trip. One of the ways you can reduce stressing about what to wear while traveling, is to pack stylishly ahead of time so that all you have to do is pull things out, and toss them on! Here are a few suggestions for packing with style for your next trip.

Scope out the travel landscape

You definitely want to start by doing some research about your trip. What will the weather be like during your visit? Will you be doing a ton of sightseeing and walking to varying destinations? Will you be attending any special events like high tea, or a fancy dinner that will require a special dress code? Another great way to prepare is to check out what the locals are wearing. How are the women local to your destination expressing their style? Being aware of local customs for dress will make you look prepared, knowledgeable and well traveled. 

10 Fab Options to Transition Your Shoe Wardrobe to Spring

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about how to transition your shoe wardrobe from winter to spring, and it was one of my most popular posts ever. I think that was the moment I realized that even some people who have inherent style instincts may still have occasional questions; and that there are also a lot of people that want a lot more help in the "how to" of it all. So in case you're wondering about how to find fab shoes to transition your wardrobe into spring this year, I've put together 10 great options. 

Elevate Your Black Shoe Game with These 5 Styles

Black heels are a wardrobe staple, obviously. But there are a few different types of black heel that can serve different purposes in your closet. While perhaps you don't need to have all of these styles in your closet, any one of them would serve you well as you build out your capsule wardrobe. Besides, what girl doesn't love options? 

Black Platform Pump 

A platform pump is a short girl's dream. You get an extra inch to an inch and a half of height, and a platform actually makes heels more comfortable because your foot isn't arching as drastically inside the shoe. Platform pumps are great for a night out because you'll be able to stand, walk and dance in them that much longer. 

How to Not Look Like a Horrible Exhausted Mess (Even When That's Exactly How You Feel)

Sometimes I wake up feeling like a horrible exhausted mess. A tired, unmotivated, old makeup smeared mess. By grace most days lately, I am able to stay in my pajamas if I need to. But there are days when that's not an option and I have to think about what I'll need to do to look like a presentable human being; how I can pull it together to go out into the world; and how much I don't want to look like I feel. You've been there, right? 

There's a few things we can do to look presentable and as close to our naturally gorgeous selves as possible--while also avoiding those "You like tired. Are you okay?" comments from coworkers and random neighbors we only run into in the grocery store when we're not looking our best. And each of the things I'm suggesting requires little to no effort. Promise. 

Posh Beauty // 8 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Moisturized & Eczema Free

A few months ago I had a real breakdown over the condition of my skin. Like, 'uncontrollable scratching, real tears, go directly to Patient First without passing go' kind of breakdown. I had to cancel a business call and drag the teen out of the house on a school night, and even wearing my clothes felt painful. That experience was enough for me to finally decide that, well...enough is enough.

I've set a beauty goal for 2015 to be vigilant about getting control over my extreme eczema. I'm waging all out war on it: the dry, dark, itchy patches of skin; the unexplainable rashes; feeling self-conscious about marks on areas like my face and neck; sometimes being unable to sleep because of the inflamed skin and irritation--all of it. Thankfully, through proper diet and caring well for my skin, I can minimize the effects. If you're dealing with something similar, here are a few ways we can combat it together: