​How to Refresh Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps


Happy new year! I’ve been active on social, and I’ve already sent out my first newsletter of the year (if you’re not already on the list, you can get in on it here! There’s good stuff coming in February), but this is the first time I’m updating here on the site! Hopefully by now, you’re well into the swing of resetting and starting to plan out or dig into your goals for the new year. And, if it doesn’t already, that plan should include a reset on your closet.

“A reset on my closet?”, you ask. Yes! Absolutely. A super easy way to help you feel organized and refreshed and to boost your creativity is to start off the new year with fresh and clean spaces—including your closet.

Now, this is not about spending money or running out and getting a whole new wardrobe. This is about clearing out the things that no longer have a purpose, and seeing what you have in a new light. A few weeks before the new year, I started purging and clearing out my closets, and on New Year’s Day, I gave Brooklyn’s closet a once over and made it way more functional and super cute to boot. I had the presence of mind to capture Brooklyn’s before + after, so I’m sharing here, along with the exact changes I made!

A Five Step Closet Refresh

5-Step Closet Refresh


Get rid of clothing that’s too small or too large, things you aren’t ever going to wear again, and any general clutter. I got rid of some things that Brooklyn can’t fit anymore and I’ll save some things, and resell others on Poshmark (you can shop my Poshmark closet here)!


Move out-of-season pieces out of the closet and into drawers, secondary closets or storage bins. I still had a bunch of summer tops hanging that I’d been using as layering pieces for her in the fall, but it was more functional to move them into drawers, and create more space for winter stuff.

Toddler Closet Organization | Pish Posh Perfect


Choose your method of organizing and rearrange accordingly! Try reorganizing by color, type of clothing, size or even label / designer. I reorganized Brooklyn’s clothing, moving it from size clusters to types of clothing. When she was an infant it made sense to do it by size since babies grow so quickly, but now that she’s a little older, it makes more sense to keep it by type. I also love using clothing dividers to label each section to make it easier to remember where everything is (I got mine from Babies R’ Us before they went out of business but there are tons of super cute options on Amazon, like these, these and these.)


Add extra hanging or shelf storage. I added hanging storage for Brooklyn’s sweats and sweaters (it’s always better to store sweaters folded so they don’t lose their shape). The hanging unit I bought also includes hooks for miscellaneous hanging things, which I love! It’s an easy space to store things like her purse and her noise canceling headphones, or even to set aside pre-planned outfits. I also moved some storage baskets I already had (similar to these) into the hanging system.  Baskets are perfect for storing loose items like belts, scarves, gloves and other accessories.

P.S. I love this hanging shelving so much I ordered one for my closet too!

Toddler Closet Organization - Shoes | Pish Posh Perfect
5-Step Closet Refresh | Pish Posh Perfect


Add extra floor storage. I added this 8-cube shoe organizer to Brooklyn’s closet because she has enough pairs now that they need a dedicated space. I like to get rid of shoe boxes (unless keeping them for resale value in the future) because they’re bulky and take up a ton of space! It’s also way easier to remember what shoes you own when you can see them in plain view.

Bonus step:

Buy uniform hangers. Using the same hangers throughout your closet gives it a sleeker and even more organized look. Brooklyn’s are a combination of two colors but they’re all the same hangers in pink and in white. In my own closet I have black velvet huggable hangers bc they’re thin and don’t take up a ton of space + they’re the ones that are also stackable, so that I can hang things vertically to create even more room for my wardrobe. 

Toddler Closet - After 1

So, that’s it! Easy peasy! And even though this example was with a toddler closet, it’s the exact same process for making any closet feel like new, and giving you a renewed perspective on what you own.

Have you refreshed your closet recently, or have plans to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!