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Every piece of content you create and publish for your brand should be a tiny piece of a cohesive string of messages that your customer can easily identify as a part of your story. From the content of your articles and blog posts, to your visual images and even your partnerships with varying influencers, you want your customers to be able to easily identify your company’s mission and values. I love helping companies to find that sweet spot between selling to and connecting with their audiences. 

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Social Media Strategy Consulting

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Former clients and publications include:

Carolina Amato Jewelry, COCOTIQUE, Creme of Nature, Debbie Merle Designs, GLITTERINGS, Jill Zarin Jewelry Collection, Melton Digital, Will Drink for Travel

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you should look and feel like your most amazing self

My goal is always to help my clients develop a very distinct style--whether that's through clothing or content--that communicates who they are and makes them look and feel like amazing, polished, kick-butt professionals. Here, some of my current and former clients share the moments they felt just that!

what clients are saying

Kim helped to increase the social media presence for my newly created blog, Will Drink For Travel, while I was out of the country for 2 months. She successfully increased my Twitter following over 1000% in that short time. Kim interacted with other traveling industry professionals and pushed my blog content in a way that helped to increase my follower growth and presence significantly. In addition to increasing my Twitter following, Kim provided tips for a successful Twitter presence that I continue to implement to this day. I continuously work with Kim on the branding and the overall evolving look and feel of my blog because I trust her professional opinion. I highly recommend Kim for her social media savvy and knowledge of online branding.

- Ashlee T., social media client

As a consultant, Kim has provided me with invaluable advice on how to redesign my blog. She goes above and beyond to provide input (with personal experience) even after her services were requested. She has encouraged me and motivated me to continue to achieve my blogging goals.

- Lucy D., blog content + branding client

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