Dreamy Ruffle Romper // Toddler Style


This dreamy little one piece shorts romper from Target has been the gift that keeps on giving this summer. It’s a super simple cotton one piece, with an adorable front ruffle, and a pop of color with the pink bow at the waist—PLUS it has snaps between the legs for easy diaper changes / potty training sessions. It has been so fun and functional for toddler play! Brooklyn has worn it everywhere from the playground to casual dinners (it can get messy and is easy to wash); it’s been perfection for road trips (it is so soft, loose and comfortable); and I am currently packing it for a trip to the beach as a casual outfit or a bathing suit cover up.


I’ve styled it with silver sandals, I’ve switched out the bow for cat ears, and she’s worn it with two big curly ponytails. But I have to say this is my favorite way she’s worn it, with the flower ribbon headband (which subtly matches the color of the front bow on the shorts), two little buns and Jordans. And with the way she was strutting around, I’d say she was into it too!


This piece is still available at Target in a few sizes, and it’s now on clearance! This time of summer (a.k.a. end of season clearance time!) is a fabulous time to grab a few end of summer options, or to size up and save for next summer’s wardrobe!