How to Style Your Toddler for Spring (Clothing Haul)

Toddler Spring Haul | Pish Posh Perfect

Spring is finally in full swing and if you’re like me, that means you’re busy re-stocking your growing toddler’s closet with new sizes because nothing from last spring / summer fits anymore! I snagged a few spring basics for Brooklyn from The Children’s Place a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share not only what I got, but how the pieces can be styled with things that are already in her closet too. I always shop, both for myself and for her, with the current closet in mind, making sure the new items can be easily paired with things we already own, because it saves time (figuring out what to wear) and money (buying additional things that match) down the road. So I’ll highlight the new new first, and then show you what I pulled from her closet to pair with each item.

Toddler Spring Haul | Pish Posh Perfect

shop spring jeans style

Jeans are an easy all season staple that can be paired with almost anything. Brooklyn has a few dresses from last year that are too short for her now, so I thought it’d be adorable to pair this colorful striped one with this denim wash, and to add a wide cuff to the bottom of them—showing a little ankle gives them more of a warm weather feel.

shop spring joggers style

I loved the feel of these casual joggers as soon as I saw them; I think the large print elevates them a little. They pair fantastically with a tee shirt, but I thought ballet flats dressed them up a little more, and I finished them by coordinating them with Brooklyn’s butterfly purse.

shop spring unicorn style

I love a mix of girly and tough with certain outfits, and putting moto boots with a tutu is an easy way to do that. The new unicorn tee looks magical with this sparkly pink tutu (which was actually a part of Brooklyn’s Wonder Woman costume from last year), her sparkly unicorn purse and her unicorn socks. Adding her denim top as a final neutral layer keeps this whole train from going too far off the deep end of the rainbow.

shop spring tee style

I think tee shirts and skirts with sneakers do a great job of making little girls look super cute, while also being practical enough for them to run and jump and play, and in this case, the metallic in the skirt bounces well off the bold and slightly sparkly color in the tee shirt. Equally bright sunnies and a sequin bag give even more color to this spring vibe.

shop spring jammies

These #SleepingBeauty pjs are just too cute. There’s obviously not a lot of styling that happens at toddler bedtime, particularly for safety reasons. This is actually my sleep mask, which Brooklyn is too young to sleep in, but she likes to walk around with it on her forehead which is adorable, so I thought I’d include it in the visual. The good thing about little cotton 2-piece pajama sets like this one, is that they’re very practical, and easy to mix-and-match with other tops and bottoms as needed if things get dirtied or end up shrinking in the dryer (as they tend to. I usually hang Brooklyn’s pajamas to dry so that they keep their shape and last a little longer).

As you can see, you can totally style your kiddos’ spring basics in a way that is anything but basic! Just grab your staples like tees, jeans and shorts and then mix and match them with statement pieces or accessories that make the whole outfit standout!

 Are you still shopping for spring? What’s on your must-have list?

*Shoppable items linked to exact pieces, except where unavailable—then linked to items as similar as I could find!