Carving Out a Sacred Space in Your Home

Carving out a Sacred Space | Pish Posh Perfect

I’ve been meditating more often lately, and trying to be really intentional about calling more grace, creativity, and abundance into my life, as well as asking the Universe for more patience and a more open heart. And time alone to reflect or recharge is super important to me, but living in a home with 3 other people, that can sometimes prove difficult. It’s also nice to have a place where I can keep things pretty and as girly as I’d like, without having to consider anyone else’s opinion or aesthetic. So, I have found it necessary to kind of carve out a couple of sanctuary spaces for myself. The first is my office, and the second, right outside my office, is my newly created meditation space.

Carving out Sacred Spaces | Pish Posh Perfect

While it’s not finished yet, my little meditation space already has a peaceful, calming energy that is perfect first thing in the morning, or later in the evening, after dinner and baby’s bed time, when the house is quiet. During the day it gets beautiful light shining through the hall windows, and my office window, and I keep it very clean and clear of clutter which helps my mind get into the same space; it’s super simple, but it’s mine! So far I’ve added: a yoga mat for meditation and active stretching; pillows to help make sitting for extended periods more comfortable and to just give it a cozy little vibe; plants to breathe life into the area; my favorite devotional / affirmation books + a couple that I want to read next; and my “believe” stone, which a good friend of mine gave to me a few years ago as a gentle reminder. I also hung a painting I created, that is not very good at all, but it’s a reminder for me to take creative chances, and just see what comes out of making the effort! Eventually I’d like to add some candles for evening meditation, crystals to help charge the area with whatever energy I’m trying to call into my life, maybe a few more plants, and a water element, because I’m a Pisces and, as a water sign, water is super calming for me.

Carving out Sacred Spaces | Pish Posh Perfect

I definitely think that if you’re working on meditating more, or manifesting something into your life, that having a space dedicated to generating the energy of what you want can be an amazing tool. Even if you don’t have a whole room (mine is on the very large landing in our upstairs), you can use a corner of your bedroom, or the top of a dresser, or a spot in your living room, and fill it with meaningful items that feel really special and aligned with whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish. You could add things like:

a special piece jewelry or talisman


energy candles

a beautiful, blank journal

your vision board or other aspirational images

essential oils / an oil diffuser

a speaker for playing guided meditations, music or chants

Even just filling it with items that make you smile can make a difference, as long as it looks beautiful to you and you feel really good when you go over to that area of your home. I also think it’s really important to keep everyday nuances and negative energy out of your sacred space—you want this to be the place where you go to let go of everything else. I encourage you to try not to deal with difficult things or people in that space, to keep it separate from areas where you work, pay bills, etc. I even take my shoes off and change out of whatever clothes I’ve been wearing that day whenever I visit my meditation space, because it feels like I’m leaving all the dirt and stress from the day behind!

Carving out Sacred Spaces | Pish Posh Perfect

Do you already have sacred spaces in your home? Have you carved out areas that are dedicated to your personal well-being and mental health, or just to housing pretty things and items that bring you joy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!