​The Family That Plaids Together // Father’s Day Style

Fathers Day Family Style | Pish Posh Perfect

After giving birth to my son, my oldest, I was pretty sure I was done having kids, particularly because I had a harrowing delivery experience. And he just became so much more amazing as he grew and the years passed that I started to wonder if was possible to have a second kid who would be just as amazing! (It was possible lol, Brooklyn is already the most wonderful girl. )

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Not long after my now husband and I started dating, I began to reconsider my position on more kids. He didn’t have any children yet, but I could tell he would be a fantastic dad. He was so involved with his nieces and nephews, so good to his family, and even super kind to strangers. He just had the patience and kind heartedness that I knew would be assets for any future child.

I’m so happy my instincts about him were right. Brooklyn and her “Dada” could not be a happier pair, and it makes my heart smile to watch them playing or reading or just chilling out together watching sports (yes, she really sits and watches with him!). And it’s so nice to have a partner who so thoughtfully shares the load, whether it’s getting up with Brooklyn early in the morning, knocking out laundry, doing her “mommy & me” swim classes on weekends that I don’t want my edges to revert (fellow straight natural chicas, I know you get where I’m coming from!), or taking her away for a few hours so mommy can rest! I am super grateful, so it was a pleasure to show him how much we appreciate him on Father’s Day.

Hubby’s birthday happens to fall just a few days before Father’s Day, so its a dual celebration weekend for our family. We kept it super low key, at his request, sharing a few meals out, treating him to breakfast and gifts in bed, getting out in nature, and just generally soaking up lots of quality family time.

One of the cutest moments for me was this coordinating gingham/plaid moment we all shared. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I’m a little obsessed with coordinating with Brooklyn, but hubby getting in on it was a fun treat.

Father's Day Family Style | Pish Posh Perfect

How was your Father’s Day weekend? Whatever you did and however you celebrated, I hope it was wonderful. Feel free to share some highlights in the comments below!