Once Upon A Tea Party // Mama + Daughter Style

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Let’s be honest, one of the fun things about having a little girl is coordinating outfits, especially when there’s an event. I try not to go too matchy matchy, but I like a shared style 'moment', if you will, between mama and baby. Whether it's that we both have on denim, or an animal print accent, or a similar color scheme, the goal is always moreso "ohhh, you both have on...<insert coordinating thing>", rather than "oh you two are dressed exactly alike". Either way though, I'm having a ball sharing style with my girl. 

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My aunt and godmother turned 70 a couple of days ago, and to celebrate, my cousin planned the cutest ‘high society’ tea party for her, complete with fascinators, full tea service, a signature beverage, dainty finger foods, and delightful cupcakes.

My favorite part of the day (which is my favorite part of every day lately) was hanging out with my sweet girl, trying out sweet treats and fingers sandwiches together, feeling the sun on our faces and bare legs (hello NorthEast spring! finally!), and soaking up all the amazing feminine energy in the room from family and friends.