Personal Styling Services

The way you show up matters.

It's a part of your personal brand, and tells the story of how you see yourself. Whether you're on the fast track in your career, an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or an artist, what you wear communicates who you are and what's important to you. I can help you to find your signature style, create a capsule wardrobe, fill in the blanks if you have some of the pieces but need to figure out how to refine them, or save you time if you know what you want, but don't have the time to shop for it. My goal is to help you develop a very distinct wardrobe that communicates who you are and makes you look amazing but, more importantly, makes you feel like your most amazing, confident and capable self! 

For as long as I can remember, I've acted as stylist for family and friends, helping them to get ready for special events or giving tips on how to style things they couldn't quite figure out how to wear. This eventually led me to write my first blog, Chic Mommy, Cool Kid, where I shared advice on how to look fabulous as a mom, and make your kids look great too! After writing there for three years that site grew into what is now Pish Posh Perfect--where I share style advice that anyone can use--and led to my having two featured shops on ShopStyle.com, curating online looks for clients as a stylist with Keaton Row, and working as a personal stylist at Nordstrom! It's been an amazing journey that has helped me to hone my styling skills and get really great at dialing down to the basic pieces that women need in their closets. And I help them recognize what works specifically for their lifestyle. To that end, I've developed a set of personal styling services that will help me to do the same for you!

Closet Consult (3 Hours Minimum)
A closet consult is aimed at helping you to maximize your current wardrobe. I'll give your closet the once over, and suggest key organizational tips that will help you to better see your options and create stylish pairings. In addition, you'll show me the pieces you're not sure how to wear and I'll show you multiple ways to style them.

Guided Shopping Trip (4 Hours Minimum)
For the woman who feels like she can never find the right things in the store, or needs a stylish opinion for something special. We'll discuss your wardrobe or special occasion needs via complementary 30 minute phone call or Skype session. Then we'll meet for our shopping trip where I'll pull options, you'll try them on and you'll buy what you love. We'll work together to help you stay on budget and to make sure you only leave the store with pieces that you will wear and not return or leave sitting in the closet. You'll both look great and feel confident knowing exactly how your new items will work for your lifestyle.

Travel Packing (3 hours Minimum)
If you love to travel, but hate packing for your trip, this service is perfect for you. You'll share your trip itinerary and planned events, and tell me the general look you're going for. I'll pull options from your closet, and pack complete outfits, including shoes and accessories, for your entire time away.

Bridal Styling (4 Hours Minimum)
Many brides-to-be dream about what they'll wear on the big day. But what about all the events surrounding it? Let me help you be bridal fabulous at your engagement party, engagement photo shoot, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner or your honeymoon. This premier service will be customized to your specific needs and timeline.

Online Personal Shopping 
If you know exactly what you want, but don't know where to find it, I can help. Let me track down something similar to that amazing handbag you saw on Instagram, or help you nail just the right gift for someone special. I'll encapsulate multiple links into an email, or pin photos into a curated, secret Pinterest board that we'll share. You'll click thru to the perfect pieces and buy your favorites.

Want to chat more about working with me as a personal styling client and developing a well-curated wardrobe that works perfectly for your lifestyle? Shoot an email to Kim@PishPoshPerfect.com

**In-person services are limited to those local to Maryland and Washington, DC. If you live outside those areas, I would still love to work with you through my online styling services. Pricing available upon request. Payment is remittable via PayPal or Cash Mobile App. 10% discount offered on purchase of 2 or more services.


Client Testimonials

"My experience with Kim Jackson as a Personal Stylist was beyond my expectations. As a person who just puts on clothes, it wasn't until my business started to get a little traction that I thought hiring a Personal Stylist would be a necessary investment. Kim provided a closet consultation that allowed me to maximize the items in my closet so that I am able to save money 10x over. The benefit of her helping me determine where I can get the most wears per item and showing me how to style them was priceless. Not only was the experience useful, it was fun. Kim worked with me to pick an outfit, accessorize it, and she even made hair and make-up recommendations.

Following the consultation, Kim provided detailed information on the items we discussed adding to my wardrobe and recommendations on where I could find those items.

I highly recommend Kim Jackson for your personal styling needs. She is professional, has a great eye for what looks best, and makes you feel confident throughout the process."

- Zena T.

"What I have always loved about Kim is her attention to detail. She notices things about textures, fabrics and proportions that I NEVER notice! She did a closet consult for me and helped me look at things that were collecting dust in the back of my closet in a new light. We also did a guided shopping trip. She gets me and knows what I like but also knows how to nudge me just enough to try different things. She has a gift for bridging the gap for people like me who know how we want to look, but need help executing it. I recommend her services to everyone I know."
- Gina H.

"Yesterday I was fortunate enough to chance upon Ms. Jackson when doing frantic, last minute shopping for a special occasion later in the evening. Kim assembled not one but several outfits down to the shoes and lipstick. I walked out with shopping bags stuffed with coordinated clothes that I'll wear with confidence for work, play and future special occasions. Throughout our two or so hours together, she was imaginative, patient, organized and gracious. I'll add one more adjective for good measure: poised." 
- former Nordstrom client 

"I ordered a bunch of stuff about two weeks ago; I've worn every single item! LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown leather jacket and the black peplum top with the yellow flowers. I also ordered the black wrap top from Asos and I'm wearing that right now! My co-worker took notice of my new outfits and said I've been glowing. He's complimented me on my wardrobe lately and it's because I've been taking my dress and appearance more seriously. It all started when I purchased the items from my Lookbook. Thank you so much Kim!"
- Brandi M.

"I was styled by Keaton Row stylist Kim Jackson. Thanks to Kim I have the perfect 'go to' job interview outfit." 
- Karen D.