5 Style Lessons I Learned From My Mom That You Can Use Too

You may not have learned about the basics of building a quality wardrobe at a young age, but that doesn't mean you can't quickly catch up now. Identifying key elements that will not only round out your wardrobe, but that will last you for years, is easier than you think!

In the spirit of Mothers' Day, I thought I would share some of the style lessons I learned from my mom. They're timeless nuggets that you can use to upgrade your style too.

When I was younger, I watched my mom get dressed with care and attention to detail. She was deliberate about what she purchased, what she wore, how she wore it, and how she cared for it. Here are a few of the things I learned from both watching and listening to her:

Pearls are timeless and can go with absolutely everything. 

Mom will wear pearl earrings and/or a pearl necklace with a variety of styles and pieces, including her pajamas, which she prefers in satin or silk. The lady is serious about her fancy! Which leads me to my next point...

Great style isn't just for when you're going outside. 

My mom keeps her sophistication game strong with her pajamas. I honestly can't remember ever seeing her just hanging around the house in sweats. She has always worn nice nightgowns or polished two-piece sets when she gets comfortable. That's always been a great reminder to dress for myself, to treat myself to nice things, and to allow myself to feel good about what I'm wearing--even if when no one else is watching.

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Whenever possible, go for quality over quantity in your wardrobe. 

My mom introduced me to classic designers like Etienne Aigner, and she owns pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes that are older than I. Why? Because she bought amazing, quality pieces and she has taken excellent care of them. I don't even think I would label some of them as "vintage" (though they would technically qualify) because they still have such a modern look and shape. It's all about choosing the right pieces before you ever leave the store.

Mixing high end jewelry with costume pieces is an art. 

Momma is a jewelry lover. She has so many gorgeous rings, necklaces and watches that I will inherit someday (some of which I've already managed to snag a little early!). But she also has the best collection of costume jewelry, particularly necklaces, that add a little extra oomph to her outfits. Some of them are hanging in my closet even now because I love to raid her jewelry box for items to borrow (read: keep forever).

Carry yourself with grace no matter what you're wearing. 

Mom has always worn clothes that make her look polished and capable. So often, style is about what you wear, coupled with the grace and confidence with which you wear it. That's why I believe so strongly in playing an active role in your personal style and that the way you show up matters.

I encourage you, this Mother's Day, to reflect on some of the lessons left with you by your own mom, and I would love to read about them in the comments!