How to Not Look Like a Horrible Exhausted Mess (Even When That's Exactly How You Feel)

Sometimes I wake up feeling like a horrible exhausted mess. A tired, unmotivated, old makeup smeared mess. By grace most days lately, I am able to stay in my pajamas if I need to. But there are days when that's not an option and I have to think about what I'll need to do to look like a presentable human being; how I can pull it together to go out into the world; and how much I don't want to look like I feel. You've been there, right? 

There's a few things we can do to look presentable and as close to our naturally gorgeous selves as possible--while also avoiding those "You like tired. Are you okay?" comments from coworkers and random neighbors we only run into in the grocery store when we're not looking our best. And each of the things I'm suggesting requires little to no effort. Promise. 

"Dress" to Impress
Literally, wear a dress. Sound like too much work? It isn't. Why? Because it's a single garment that you'll throw over your head, and then you're done with the getting dressed portion of the day. Much less work than squeezing into those boring black pants and that tired long sleeved cotton shirt from Express circa 2000 that you pull from the recesses of your wardrobe when you "just can't" . 

Brighten Up

Countless research studies have shown that color can affect our mood. Wear colors that elicit happy feelings, like yellow and light blue; or whatever color you personally associate with happiness (for me that means pink). Or wear colors that complement and brighten your skin tone (for me that means red because I've got reddish, goldish undertones in my skin). Who What Wear published a post about the best colors to wear for your skin tone that you can check out if you're not sure what works for you. It's a bit over simplified, but in this case simplicity is the goal. 

Do 5 Minute Hair
If your hair is long enough, whip it up into a bun. A neat low sock bun is super easy, or go for a high messy top knot. Both are chic and classy and, even when slightly messy, come off as effortlessly polished. If bunning it is not an option, go for a funky head wrap or a bright scarf. For shorter hair, brush it flat and add a headband to keep it neat. 

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Eye Shadow Quad | Nicka K New York

Maximize a Minimal Beauty Routine

When you're this exhausted, a full face just isn't going to happen. Opt for your favorite BB or CC Cream, a little under eye concealer to cover your bags, a swipe of mascara (on the top lashes only) to open your eyes, and a bit of blush or bronzer for a natural looking glow. As you start to look a little faded throughout the day, you can spritz on a little rosewater spray as a refresher. 

See? Four majorly easy ways to make sure you never look as tired as you feel. Is there anything you would add to this list? Feel free to dish in the comments!