Style Savvy Home // Workspace Update

When I was in high school I re-arranged and redecorated my bedroom probably monthly; in college, I think I made changes around once per quarter. As an adult, I have mixed things up less frequently, but the desire still hits me now and then to do something to change the energy in my space and breathe in some new life! I've been in my condo for about three years now, and it was starting to feel like it needed a bit of an update. So I spent last weekend re-organizing several of the rooms, including my bedroom--and specifically, my workspace (which I shared photos of in a previous post--you can see the original styling here). 

I used the same major pieces of furniture--my "love" desk that I found on Craigslist, and my fantastic Staples find of a chair--but I changed out some of the items on top of the desk and made them much more minimal so that I have more space to work when I'm busy; I realized I needed more storage space for business supplies, and paperwork etc, so I added a bookshelf; and I fell in love at very first sight with an uber luxe Zoe Collection rug that I spotted at Marshall's--I had to have it. 

So now, my space feels really refreshed and I feel like my creative energy has been reinvigorated! This is a space where I am so excited to work! 

How do you infuse new life into your space when you need a a change, or to get your creative juices flowing?