Soulful Beauty Chat | Posh Event Recap

Have you ever attended an event where the energy was just so sweet and positive that you left feeling better than when you arrived? That's what it was like at GG's Soulful Beauty Chat in DC last weekend. It was held at a super cute cafe, Culture Coffee, which happened to have some fly graffiti on the outside, and the best pineapple smoothies you can imagine on the inside. 

A few weeks ago, GG asked several women who are authors, poets and/or bloggers to join her for an afternoon of sharing whatever was on their spirits. I am not usually the "get up and bare your soul" type, but because my bestie was asking, I agreed. 

I read an edited version of my Q&A from my Soulful Beauty feature at GG's blog, All the Many Layers. And I needn't have been worried--my piece felt like "me", not like I was trying to be like anyone else in the room; and it was well-received by the other women. That felt good! Not sure I'll be doing it again any time soon, though. LOL

The other women who read, spoke or sang included: SherylShefonRae, TyeceSafaLea and Alexandra (Alex_Elle, whom I have been following and inspired by on Instagram since forever, and it was such an honor to meet her in person!)

I am so happy to have been in the room with such beautiful, soulful, strong feminine energy. And I'm so proud of my friend for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new--and it turned out well! I'm sure she'll be hosting another soon, so stay tuned at her blog for more details!