Don't Stay Too Long at the Party {No Matter How Fabulous it Was When You Arrived}

I have a confession to make--my own personal ugly truth: I'm a bit of a masochist. I have a really high tolerance for pain (both physical and emotional), and I tend to let things that are hurting me go on for way longer than they should. I stay in situations that have stopped serving me way longer than I have to. In essence, I stay at the party long after it has stopped being fun. 

By converse, I'm such a go-getter! When I reeeeally want something, I pursue it with a quiet tenacity that is both purposeful and extremely effective. So what stops me from igniting that drive and leaving the metaphoric party when I'm quite sure that I've had enough? 


Fear is my kryptonite (well, fear and a really sexy high heel--I can never resist). Despite the fact that I highly value and respect change as a necessary part of my life, I have a tendency to tell myself these stories about all the things that could go wrong and how terrible things might be, and these stories stop me cold. They keep me from pressing forward with what I know is best for me. 

But, I've decided to stop letting fear rule my decisions. As of today, this hour, this moment. I pledge to myself to make different choices than the ones that have kept me stuck in the past. 

Are there instances that you can think of where fear has caused you to miss an opportunity, or kept you from going for what you really wanted? I'd love to read about it in the comments. Have a fabulous and FEARLESS day, Lovies. 

*Thanks to AB for the timely quote. Author unknown.