Perfectly Inspiring {Sweet Surprises}

At this time 15 years ago, I was at the brink of death. Literally. This was due to complications with labor and delivery--the gory details of which, I will spare you. But what I will share, is that all the trauma was completely worth it to have a child as intelligent, creative, independent and respectful as the one I have the pleasure of raising. 

Today, I express eternal gratitude for my Young Man who turns 15 today (turned--at 3:27 pm to be exact). Parenting is a really tough job, especially when you're going it alone, but this guy makes my job a lot easier. Even in his most "teen" moody moments, I know I've had an easier job than most. He's an honor student, a musician, an athlete, and a future scientist; all with a hilarious sense of humor and an uncanny ability for understanding things that should be way above his maturity level. He's even got quite a knack for sarcasm which is welcomed and appreciated in my book! 

I didn't plan to become a mother. In fact when I think about how I didn't even want to be a mother at. all. ever. before having him, I'm even more floored by what a sweet surprise this Mom thing has been. Even when things get difficult and overwhelming, it's still the job I am happiest to do; and, despite some (unwarranted, un-welcomed) opinions to the contrary while I was carrying him, I am really damned good at it. I am not perfect, and I certainly make mistakes, but I am always committed to learning from them, and to pouring my absolute parental best into this vessel that I've been charged with. 

I am super excited about our pizza-making-cake-baking-birthday-date tonight (and I'm not even eating carbs right now so, you know, double the treat), and his birthday brunch this weekend. Mama loves a reason to celebrate!

Fellow moms, I would love to hear from  you! What makes you feel most grateful for your little ones?  

*quote photo via Pinterest