Perfectly Inspiring {Gratitude and Grace}

Life is an interesting ebb and flow--sometimes you feel on top of the world, and others it's a struggle to stay positive. I've faced quite a few challenges already this year--literally nothing has been easy these past three months--and sometimes that can threaten a girl's ability to be positive. But I'm determined to view these things as the learning opportunities that they are, and to continuously remind myself that sometimes you've got to get over really big hurdles in order to win really big. I know that one day I'll look back over this time and admire how I got through it--hopefully always with gratitude and grace. 

Since Mondays are generally the toughest days for me as I try and gear up for the week, I thought I would start sharing things that inspire me or that make me feel really grateful, right at the beginning of the week, so that I can get going on the right foot. And just maybe, you'll find that they inspire something you can be grateful for in your own life. 

5 Things I Am Grateful for Today:

My awesome sorority sister over at Lipgloss & Binky, who allowed me to guest post at her blog while she is away. Head over to check out a few perfectly spring worthy and budget friendly beauty buys that you can use to update your makeup cabinet right now. And while you're there, hang out a while for a little mommy fab. She recently did an excellent post on the spring dress selection at Kohl's. 

The opportunity to give back last week at a wonderful event for the young ladies of an organization called GLOSS. I shared tips for being well-organized and taking care of the things that you've been entrusted with. Those girls were so intelligent, creative, attentive and outspoken and I have to be honest--they taught me a thing or two as well! Nothing makes my heart smile more than giving back--particularly to young women. (p.s. if you are a momma of a little lady between the ages of 5 - 25, and live in the DC, Southern MD or Northern VA area, I would definitely recommend this organization; they're doing a wonderful job of building self-esteem and teaching girls about the importance of service.)

An impromptu dinner and catch up sesh with the bestie GG and her two adorable little love muffins. My little nieces dished on everything from school uniforms, to learning about colors, and their favorite rain boots. Such lovely light hearted conversation, and lots of giggles. 

A relaxing and stress free weekend that involved nothing more than my pajamas, mugs of hot tea, sipping champs, and episode upon episode of LOST and American Horror Story with my teen. 

A phone call from someone whom I love and admire so much, but don't get to talk to or see very often. And she had all the right encouraging words that she didn't even know I needed. I hadn't shared with her about anything that I've been dealing with, but often times Life/God/Universe just knows exactly what you need to hear. 

What are you grateful for this week? Have a Happy Monday!

*photo via Pinterest