A Dive Into Scented Nails with Revlon 'Parfumerie' Polish // Posh Product Review

While on a random drugstore run for my dad several weeks ago, I came across a display for Revlon Parfumerie scented nail polishes. Intrigued, I grabbed one in a neutral color and brought it home to try. 

The product: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel
The details: A whole new way to experience color. Vibrant, shiny shades go on smoothly for flawless color then dry to light, irresistible fragrances. In 24 scented colors.

The claim: Fragrance revealed when dry; extend wear by applying a base coat first; fragrance lasts all day

The color/scent I chose was 'Fresh Linen', a pearlescent cream/off-whitish hue because, most often, I prefer subtlety in both my nail colors and my fragrances. It smells really strong in the bottle, but as it's actually applied to the nails it settles into a much softer scent that I really liked! So even though the brand says the fragrance is revealed when dry, I actually could smell it while I applied, and it was such a sweet, slightly floral scent that I couldn't get enough. 

The application of the polish was smooth, though the consistency was a little thin on the nail. That was probably because of the slight sheerness of the color though--with two coats it was perfect. 

I applied the color at night and I could definitely smell it through the evening, but once I showered in the morning it was gone. Maybe the next time I'll apply it in the morning so the fragrance can travel with me all day. The color wear wasn't great--with a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat I saw peeling back from the edges by day 3; but I also do a lot with my hands during the day (typing, applying product, washing dishes, cooking etc) so the experience might be different for someone else. But overall I dig the polish and would be likely to snag another. 

Have you tried Revlon's new scented enamel? What did you think? Have you tried any other brands' scented polish? Spill in the comments, Dolls!

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