4 Amazingly Inspiring Women on the Web

I work really really hard. I work hard because I enjoy what I do; because I love the idea of building something for myself and watching it grow and flourish; and because it brings me joy to help other people. It's a really interesting turn to see in myself because I can very clearly remember a time when I just wished that someone would come along and rescue me--now it excites me to take care of myself. 

And nothing makes me happier than finding inspiration in the women who have done it before me. Women who have dealt with their own bumps in the road but have pressed on to success and are now sharing their lessons so that other people can do it too. There are four women in particular who I turn to on a regular basis. Theirs are the YouTube videos I watch in the morning while I'm getting ready, to inspire me to be bold and kick butt that day. Their blog posts are the ones I save so that I can refer back to them when I'm feeling stressed out or discouraged. And you might be able to relate to them to. 

So in honor of Women's History Month, and creating our own legacies to leave behind, I am sharing these 4 inspiring women on the web. 

Who: Rosetta Thurman
Where: Both online at HappyBlackWoman.com and offline with coaching programs and retreats
What: Coaching // speaking // networking
Why she's inspiring: I started following Rosetta several years ago when her site was a blog, and have watched it evolve into a full community; and watched Rosetta herself leave her job in the non-profit world to pursue "location-free" self-employment (meaning all she needs is herself and her laptop, leaving her open for travel!). She wrote a book, and has built several successful consulting programs for helping other women either start their side hustles, or pursue their dream careers full time. Rosetta also recently made the decision to pursue her dream of moving to gorgeous Hawaii and continues building her business there. Finally, I've met Rosetta on several occasions and she just has the sweetest, funniest spirit and is a genuinely good person. 

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Who: Marie Forleo
Where: Online at MarieForleo.com
What: Tips and tools to "create a business and life you love" | videos // B-School
Why she's inspiring: Marie Forleo is hilarious in her approach to coaching. She gives phenomenal business advice in her 'Q&A Tuesday' videos by answering questions from real readers who are small business owners (or prospective ones) trying to find their way. Between Marie's advice and that of the other business and thought leaders that she features (like Marianne Williamson and Tony Robbins!), you'll find some of the best information out there for entrepreneurs. Most importantly though, Marie is relatable. She is multi-passionate, like a lot of creative people, and her story of finding her way through several careers to eventually landing in her purpose feels just like what a lot of us go through. 

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Who: Kate Northrup
Where: Online at KateNorthrup.com 
What: Tools to help you achieve financial freedom | book // videos
Why she's inspiring: I discovered Kate Northrup through Marie Forleo's site. As a creative brain rather than a practical one, all concepts of math and finances tend to go over my head. So I look for ways to get the information in a method that makes sense to me--that happens when I listen to Kate Northrup. Her approach to money dives into our attitudes about money and helps to affect change from the inside out (which is how I believe it always has to happen). 

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Who: Ananda Leeke
Where: Online at AnandaLeeke.com and offline with speaking engagements and events
What: Coaching on entrepreneurship and digital/social technology
Why she's inspiring: I had the pleasure of getting a free coaching session with Ananda when I attended Blogalicious last year, and it was probably the most important and eye-opening moment of the conference for me. She is a fellow Morgan State University alum, so we bonded on that right away. But even more than that, she just saw my business in ways that I had not imagined it yet for myself--and that's invaluable. She also inspires women on Twitter with her messages of Digital Sisterhood, and is an advocate for living well in general, which I believe very strongly in as well. 

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Now it's your turn--I'd love it if you would share with me some of the women around the web who inspire you! Who gives you great ideas, and inspires you to keep pushing even when you want to give up?