Wish List | Tech Style

With winter so relentless in its cold, most of us are hunkering down at home and heading out as little as possible. Since a girl's gotta find ways to entertain herself anyway, why not do it in style? These fantastic tech accessories are perfect for a snow day in, or for showing off when you do get out and about. 

1. Success Is Not Easy iPhone 5/5s Case ($34) - A stylish--and mobile--reminder that all your hard work is not in vain, courtesy of one of my very favorite sites, The Every Girl. They've got additional cases with positive affirmations, and there are prints for your office as well.

2. Frends 'Layla' Headphones ($150) - A thin band across the head, modern design and rose gold accents make these sleek headphones a mature yet feminine alternative to some other styles.

3. Kate Spade New York iPad mini folio ($85) - Brightly colored with a tongue in cheek "your pad or mine" makes this iPad mini folio both smart and stylish--just like you.

4. Portable Emergency Charger for iPhone and iPod ($6) - How many times have you been out for a long day of work, meetings and evening social events--only to have your iPhone battery die? This cute little emergency charger will fit perfectly into your favorite bag for charging on-the-go.

5. Desktop Wallpaper, Sugar Paper LA ($0) - Slaving over your computer? Liven up your desktop with this adorable complimentary wallpaper at the Sugar Paper, LA website. My PC at the office is currently sporting their "Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You." version.

6. Beats by Dr. Dre/Nicki Minaj Beats Pill ($200) - Does music help you to focus better? Play all your favorite songs from this portable speaker that's not only functional, but will add a pop of color to your office decor. 

What's currently on your wish list? 


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