Let's Hear it for The Boy | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

KK's Saturday baby shower was a lovely way to start off the weekend. Though she knew she was having one, she didn't know any of the details, so it was nice to surprise her with unexpected guests and meaningful gifts  to welcome her new baby boy. 


The mommy-to-be looked absolutely gorgeous and glowing in a print maxi dress, and oh so fresh hair--look at those curls! We ate great food, like the veggie tower above; it consisted of huge grilled mushroom, peppers and squash all over a crispy polenta cake. Delish. Notable mention goes to GG for her super fun shower game--and that's saying something, because I have a general dislike for all games, but particularly shower games--and not only did I have a blast, I won! (I actually win quite often at said shower games, which i dislike. LOL) Overall, we just had a really wonderful time sharing in KK's joy and we all look forward to welcoming her new addition in the coming weeks. 

Post-shower, those of us who are not with child headed out for some drinky-poos! We giggled and cut up majorly at the bar for hours, and I steered toward home a little after 11pm, grateful for a long day of much needed girl time! 

The work week is back in full swing for me--in fact, I'm already behind on my ever growing 'to do' list. Mostly because my achy neck, shoulders and back, plus swelling tonsils would indicate that I am coming down with a cold, which is slowing down my normal process, and--ain't NOBODY got time for that. So I'm pummeling all kinds of vitamins, echinacea and homeopathic teas hoping to fend it off. Fingers crossed for me? 

How was your weekend? Anything interesting on tap for this week? 
I'd love to hear about it in the comments!