Savvy Style Staple | Statement Necklaces

Savvy style staple: the most worn, most loved item(s) in ones closet. The pieces you just can't seem to live without.

I have several statement necklaces, but lately two in particular have been getting a bit more love--and for totally different reasons. I dig the pink triangle necklace because it adds a bit of pop to casual pieces, like a simple denim top. The chain link necklace is amazingly versatile: it can take really casual pieces and elevate them, and it can complement dressier pieces as well. I wear it often for work with this print top (above) and a skirt (and it was peeeerrfect for the beige A-line dress seen here). 

Currently, I am crushing on statement necklaces that combine multiple colors as well as crystals because they pack on the sparkle. Pieces like this one, this one and this one are high on my wish list. 

Do you have a favorite statement necklace that gets more wear than your other pieces? Which styles are you currently crushing on?