Posh Style Resolutions for the New Year

As with everything, there is a point where fashion begins anew: seasons change, trends come and go, new designers emerge, classics get updates. And so should your style receive the occasional tweak. What better time than at the start of the year when you are in change-making mode already? And so, a set of personal style resolutions is in order. 

Personal Style Do's

Do // Define the key pieces in your closet, and find ways to update them. That black blazer is for so much more than just a business meeting. Re-purpose that basic dress as a chic skirt

Do // R
eorganize your closet every few months so that you can see each piece in your wardrobe in a different light and to make it easier to imagine new pairings. I alternate between organizing by color, by style and by label. Sometimes just having two things next to each other is enough for you to put together something entirely different than you have before. 

Do // Set up your closet so that you can see everything, including taking shoes out of their boxes! Chances are, if you don't see it, you won't wear it. 

Do // Add sauce to your signature style. We all have our looks that we know will always work, but it's fun to mix it up every once in a while, try something new and discover something completely fresh. 

Do // Play around with your beauty looks and hairstyles to see how easily they can elevate certain styles.

Do // Invest in great shape wear. It will totally change the silhouette of what you're wearing. And that doesn't mean always walking around in Spanx you can barely breathe in--there are lots of ways to shape, including slips, thongs and seamless pieces. 

Personal Style Dont's

Don't // Run out and buy a bunch of new clothes. Get really crafty at working with what you've got. Restyle your closet

Don't // Buy it if it doesn't fit. Work your way to your desired size and then reward yourself. 

Don't // Be afraid to size up, on the other hand. No one will see that tag unless you show it to them. Instead, buy what looks most flattering and feels most comfortable on you. 

Don't // Buy it just because it's on sale. Sale doesn't always mean it's a good deal for you. Go through and see how many things you have hanging in your closet with tags still on them. If it's more than a handful, you may be over spending on pieces you don't actually want or need. 

Don't // Wear something just because it is trendy, but do try out the trends to see which ones could work for you.

Don't // Save things for a "special" occasion. Every day is an occasion. Make the most out of your favorite pieces now! You'll look great, and you'll have fun doing it. 

What are your style resolutions for 2014?