Do What You Love | Lifestyle Inspiration

I believe we are all here for a purpose. And I believe that with enough attention inward we can discover what that purpose is. And I know first-hand that when we are not doing things that are aligned with our purpose, it feels icky and uncomfortable and just...wrong. 

Today, I encourage you to start doing what you love--the thing that makes you feel full of purpose. If that thing requires you to make a major leap like leaving your job, or completely changing your lifestyle, you may not be able to do it all today. But you can do one targeted thing towards your goal. Do research, job search, network, update your resume/LinkedIn profile, make phone calls, write, blog, serve. Those little right actions every day are the things that truly make a difference. It is rare that success really happens overnight. Instead, it is the result of consistent daily habits and lots and lots of hard work. 

When there is a nagging in your spirit, it is extremely hard to ignore. Everything becomes a sign, and nothing else feels at all fulfilling. But knowing that every day I am contributing some small coin into my dream bank, helps tremendously. And getting to spend time every day doing what I love--even if I am not yet doing it full time--makes that pull even stronger. 

It also helps to have examples of what jumping into purpose looks like to remind you that it really is possible, and you won't be stuck forever. I look to my bestie, GG, as an example and beacon of hope. About 6 months ago she made the leap from employee to self-employed writer. And she has already written and published a book, The Beautiful Disruption. I saw the hours she labored over pouring into her writing and it has paid off in the most beautiful way. Stay tuned for more of her story, and more about her book here very soon. 

In the meantime, Happy Monday, Lovies! I hope you'll spend it doing something that you love.