5 Simple Ways to Have a Fantastic 2014

A new year is a very natural starting point for making changes and trying new things. Resolutions have gotten a bad rap because of their reputation for being easily breakable, but there's nothing wrong with making the promise to yourself to have an amazing and accomplished year. Not sure how to get started? Here are 5 really simple ways to have a fantastic 2014:

1. Plan for it. 
Nothing brings things to fruition faster than intention. Set goals, write them down, use a planner, schedule self-improvement activities on your calendar. It's much easier to stay on task when you can see your desires and plans laid out in front of you. 

2. Clear out the clutter.
You can't welcome in new and enriching things if you're still holding onto old things that no longer serve you. This includes tangible things and emotional baggage; get rid of all the things, people and attitudes that no longer serve you. 

3. Be selfless.
The only way to receive is to give. It seems counter intuitive at first, but the only way to attract what you want is to give of yourself. Positivity and selflessness bring about a good energy that opens up and makes room for more of the same. 

4. Try something new. 
Push past the old fears that have held you back for so long. Get over the old stories you've told yourself about yourself. Try something that you've always wanted to but never have. Your year will be exponentially better when you expand your horizons and see life through the lens of a new experience (a little over a year ago I traveled to Europe for the first time and it changed my life). 

5. Maintain self care. 
Eat well (Veggies are key--find the anatomy of a great salad here), exercise (which you don't need a gym membership to do as I explain here) and get more sleep--all the things that help us to function at our highest capacity. Our bodies are amazingly resilient when we feed them and love them from the inside out. 

Would you add anything to this list? How do you plan to ensure you have your best year yet?