5 Places to Score Super Cute Stationery

The modern savvy and well-organized woman knows that handwritten notes and cards are the sweetest way to acknowledge a gift or a gesture, or even just to say hello. It's a timeless and ladylike gesture that lets the recipient know you've taken the time to be really thoughtful; and with our world being so overly digital now, handwritten notes have become the easiest way to make your message stand out in a sea of (oft overlooked) Facebook messages, DMs and emails. 

Getting stationery that matches your personality is part of the fun of sending them too. I love opening a fresh pack of girly, pink, polka dotted goodness and gliding over the paper with a gel pen. Fortunately, there are quite a few places to score fun cards and stationery that inspire you to write. 


The dollar bin at Target has so much surprising goodness! The gold foil cards pictured above were in the dollar bin, but they are beyond darling. Their stationery and card aisle also has a really large selection of items ranging from simple and sophisticated (like you might use for a job interview) to splashed with color. And they've recently begun carrying another brand of stationery that I adore....

Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper's designs are a girly girl's dream. Bright colors, fancy fonts and gold foil accents abound in their online store. Their "Merci" thank you cards topped my wish list last spring, and I have been in love with their items ever since. Their options range from super simple to sugary sweet but there is something for everyone. Their annual planner and their monthly desk calendar, both in pink with gold dots, sit atop my desks at home and in the office, respectively. 


Etsy is the go-to source for custom designs, and one of my favorite shops is owned by Jenny Belvin. Though it's a small shop, she is creative with her designs, and if you love a good monogram, as I do, you'll enjoy her work. 

Colette Paperie

Feeling the sentiment, but unable to find the words? Then Colette Paperie is the place for you to snag your occasion cards. Full of wit and humor, these cards say the things that we would say in conversation--but in print, and they're printed with really cool art to boot. "You made a person! A human being! No pressure." I mean really, how much fun would it be to receive that card after having a baby?

Kate Spade

The note cards at Kate Spade are, for the most part, refined, simple and classic. However, there are a few sets that have some fun with foil stripes and dots. But if you want your words and your beautiful penmanship to speak for themselves, Kate Spade's offerings are the way to go. 

Does opening a fresh pack of note cards, or breaking the seal on a new notebook excite you as much as it excites me? Where do you buy your stationery?