Posh Hair "How to": Clip-in Extensions

I've gotten a lot of really sweet comments about how much my hair has grown and how healthy it looks. And I appreciate those so much! But I actually cut my hair over the summer (you can see the bob here) and colored it (you can see my ombré here) so it is actually several inches shorter than it was prior to May.

Even though I loved my haircut I got bored with it pretty fast. And I was putting a lot of heat on my hair because I couldn't "bun it" as easily. So in an effort to give my hair a bit of a break and help it to grow back faster, I've been wearing clip in extensions. And they're awesome and super easy to wear. Most importantly, I can remove them at any time I like and go back to my regular look. Plus they require a ton less maintenance than a sew-in. So, I thought I would share a quick little tutorial for anyone else who is looking to change up their hair but doesn't want to commit to a permanent change!

Full disclosure, I don't care for my own hair. I ALWAYS always go to a stylist. But I know lots of you are more talented at styling than I am so you can certainly manage this on your own.

The Hair:
I've seen that some people purchase their ideal type of hair, and then sew on the little silver clips themselves. I don't really dig DIY projects, so I wanted my hair to come with the clips already attached. I let my stylist purchase it for me, and she was able to find Remy hair extensions with combs (to grip the hair along the part) and clips (to secure the extensions in place) already attached at Sally's. I would encourage you to research to figure out what hair will best match your own. 

The Process
1. After washing and blowing out your hair, figure out exactly where you want to place the extensions, and part your hair across your head in the spot where you'll place the lowest extension. 

2. Line up the bottom extension along your part, and then place the extension in from right to left, fitting the first comb into the hair, then snapping in place. Repeat all the way across. 

3/4. Repeat as necessary, depending on how many rows of extensions you are adding. I use only three because I want it to look natural. Anything too thick or full would be in contrast to the finer strands of my own hair. 

5.  Once you've added all your extensions, comb or brush through all the hair a few times to blend it, and remove any tangles that may have formed during your installation. 

{5.5: cut or layer the extensions if needed, being careful not to cut your own. Mine are already cut here since I've already been wearing the hair for a few weeks.}

6. Flat iron or curl hair as desired. 

Some people prefer to curl their own hair and the extensions separately before adding them, but either way the process is super simple, as you can see. At night, I pin curl it, just as I would do for my regular hair so it has been a really low maintenance option for me. 

Have you worn extensions before? What kind and how did you like them?