What NOT to Wear This Fall | Posh Style

Dear Lovies,

Here is what you should NOT be wearing this fall:

anything that doesn't make you feel absolutely beautiful

anything that doesn't make you feel authentic and one-of-a-kind

anything you feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable in

anything of poor quality that won't last for at least a few years

anything that you can't really afford (unless it is given or lent to you)

the latest and greatest trend--unless you want to. If it doesn't appeal to you, work for your lifestyle, fit your body type, look good to you--skip it. 

anything that doesn't accurately reflect who you are, or who you someday aspire to be

that "thing" (shoe, bag, bracelet, etc) that all the popular bloggers have--if you're getting it solely because they have it, so you think you should too. Wear what you love no matter who else is or isn't wearing it too.

This fall, please do be as funky, as girly, as hippie, as preppy, as trendy, as rocker, as natural, as glam, as posh as you'd like. 

Now, go get dressed :-).