Style Savvy Beach Vacation {Cancun}

My first trip to Mexico was a dream, literally and figuratively. Literally, because we stayed at Dreams Resort & Spa in Cancun. Figuratively because it was so relaxing and beautiful and felt like a dream. I had the best time. 

I ate my weight in seafood and risotto, sipped beachy cocktails, dipped in the pool, laid out--and got sunburned for the first time in my life! I've been to other Caribbean beaches where people said "the sun is very different over there" and been totally fine. But this time it finally did me in. A small price to pay, though, for the beauty of white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and amazing sunsets. 

AB and I had a  balcony view of the water from our room which was absolutely breathtaking. Sitting on the balcony and taking in the salty air was a really peaceful way to start every day. 

Our friends K&A got married at the resort, which was the purpose of our trip, in a beautiful beach wedding complete with Mariachi band during the cocktail hour. And the bachelor/bachelorette celebration yielded my first visit to the infamous SeƱor Frogs, where the drinks were so massive I couldn't even finish one! The resort strip in Cancun was lit and live with partygoers and music all night long. It reminded me a lot of South Beach in Miami, actually. 

Overall it was just an amazing five days. The hours seemed to stretch on and on and without wifi or cell service, we were kind of forced to be really present in those moments and to enjoy each other and the vacation. Of course by now I am a crazy person all over again. Ha! But it helps to have these moments away to recharge. 

Have you been to Cancun? What was your experience like? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments.  

p.s. I adore the beach and vacate to one every opportunity that I get. 
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