Posh Style Inspiration: Summer to Fall

As summer fades slowly into fall, it's time to pull out our chunky sweaters, light jackets ("moto" jackets are this season's style du jour), booties and scarves. It's easy to start to get excited about the possibilities for layering contrasting fabrics like light summery tops, under heavier knits; mixing and matching fabrics like silk and tweed; and switching straw hats for felt fedoras. Muted colors will also start to reappear, replacing their brighter counterparts and signaling a change in mood. 

Summer is my favorite season, but I look forward to this time of year as well. It's easy to get bored with our wardrobes, and now is the perfect time to switch it up. Here are a few things to get inspired by. 

I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend for a bit of friend time, but mostly for relaxing and recharging. Hope your weekend is as exciting or as laid back as you desire--but mostly, that it is full of all the love and magic you can handle. 

No worries if you miss me over the weekend. I'll be tweeting and instagramming away. Find me @pishposhperf.