5 Reasons You May Not Be Ready to Live the Life of Your Dreams {and How to Get Around Them} | Lifestyle

I've been working diligently towards several goals over the past couple of years. I have visualized them, meditated on them, created vision boards for them, networked around them (you get the point)....but I wasn't really practically prepared for what would happen when things started to come to fruition. I thought I was: I was excited and ready with a "can do" attitude. But I got overwhelmed. As my honey tells me often, I got caught up in the emotion of it all, and how great it would feel to accomplish--so I put the logical parts temporarily on the back burner. I do that a lot. It's how I operate (and I'm okay with that). So I had to really take a step back to rethink and reorganize the structure for my days. I'm still working on it, but it's gotten a lot better. 

So I'm curious....if you have a dream or a goal that you're working towards, 
what are you doing to prepare for when you actually achieve it? 

So often, we ask for increase, without thinking about what changes will have to occur in our lives once we get it. It’s really important to prepare a practical plan of action. Have you thought about:  

(1) any perks or benefits you currently have that you might lose if your situation changes

(2) how your  monthly nugget might increase (additional bills, financial investments that need to be put into your dream)

(3) if additional working hours will be required of you, and whether or not you can meet those expectations

(4) if quality time with your children/partner might be affected

(5) whether or not you'll be able to delegate if you get overwhelmed

How will you balance what I'm sure is an already full plate once you add this new thing on top of it?

I'm sure there are tons of other things to think about, but what’s really important is just to determine up front which of your values are priorities for you to maintain. Is your career your primary priority? Or do you value a love life, family, travel, etc? 

I am so grateful for every opportunity I've had, and looking forward to even more! But I'm also learning that re-balancing is a constant part of growth.

Are you dealing with something similar? What are you learning from it? 

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