Summer Lovin': 4 Current Drugstore Beauty Faves | Posh Beauty

I've been experimenting with bright lips because, you know, why not? It's summer and every day is an excuse for color. 

AB introduced me to these darling little Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks at an event we attended together, and I have been hooked on them, and the ColorBurst products, ever since. They are moisturizing and have got excellent pigmentation, the latter of which--uber important for me. I've got red undertones in my skin, so often, reds and pinks get lost on me. These don't. 

On my last trip to Walgreens, my goal was to replace my green eyeliner (it makes my brown eyes pop like crazy). But I couldn't find it, and opted for this navy instead. I like that it stands out like black without being quite as severe--that works well for rimming my under eye area. Next up, I'm going for a royal blue hue, which used to feel really 80s, but recently, I've seen photos where it looks ultra modern and kind of sexy. 

 Lately, when I'm feeling really responsible and actually take the time to remove my makeup properly, I use these Yes to Cucumbers towelettes. They're hypoallergenic (good for the eczema) and paraben-free, which I obviously love. The only downside is that they've got a bit of acid in them, which can be a touch too tingly if my skin is particularly sensitive on any given day. So I have to be extra careful on my sensitive areas like the soft spots around my eyes and my eyelids (which is the case with most products I use on my face). But if you've got oily or acne prone skin, you'll probably want to marry them. 

Are you lovin' any new drugstore summer beauty products? 
Do share! I adore recommendations!