Style Savvy Beach Vacation {Ocean City}

wearing - hat: Banana Republic (very similar here) | bikini top: Asos (similar options here

I believe in the healing power of vacating. In temporarily abandoning the responsibilities of "real" life in favor of: 

waking up without alarm clocks... blueberry pancakes for breakfast and seafood for dinner (with all of the cooking done by husbands and boyfriends).... brown, sandy babies playing on the beach and grown ladies sunning themselves in sassy straw hats.... laughing until tears roll down my face and my abdominal muscles become sore... stolen moments just the two of "us", and his sweet kisses on my face.... running off down the boardwalk for salty french fries and warm caramel popcorn... and dancing on the beach at night. 

And that was the sum total of my 4th of July vacation. Family, friends, silliness (we are NOT serious about those duck lips, lol), sweets, sun, relaxation, love and magic. I would not have wanted it any other way. 
I feel so energized and full, and ready to take on a new week! 

What do you believe is essential for recharging your battery--and which of those things did you do for yourself this past weekend? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!