Go Ahead and Push Through the Fear (OR, My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore) | Lifestyle

When I was 20 years old I had a baby. 

Actually, I got pregnant when I was 19 and just about to head into my senior year of college. I was scared to death and still relying mostly on my parents for my financial needs. I did have a part time job at Foot Locker, but I had to quit because I was so sick in my first 4 months of pregnancy that I could barely keep down food--which means that most of the time I was too lightheaded to stand, let alone talk to people and attempt to sell them things. So it's safe to say that I was worried. Worried about what having a child so young would mean for the rest of my life, about how I would take care of the little boy who was on his way and about how I could possibly be a good example for him since I was clearly not an ace at decision making in that moment. Right? 

Last week that baby, now 14, went to his first major school dance and graduated from the 8th grade. He went to that dance looking like the most handsome thing to ever don a bow tie and a pair of Vans. And he graduated with the distinction of being a Presidential Award winning scholar. And an Outstanding Citizen nominee. And with badges for excellence in math, science, foreign language, English, music and social studies.

My young man has always been intelligent, and he is also kind, independent and unafraid to be uniquely himself. I couldn't be more proud of him--or more proud of myself, because I found a way to be a great teacher and example. And every day that I watch him mature and achieve, I question my decision making skills just a little less.

This week, I hope you'll find ways to push through the fear and plant the seeds that you need to sow in order to bring your dreams to fruition. If you just keep showing up, plugging away and giving your best self, they may even continue to produce fruit for you 14 years from now (Feel free to tweet this; it's a great reminder for us all). I promise, it will be worth it.