Be Such An Amazing Guest You're Sure to Get Invited Back {Hostess Gift Ideas} | Lifestyle

Traveling this summer and making a few pit stops to stay with friends? Sounds like so much fun! But don't forget to be gracious as well. A good guest always gifts a great hostess. You don't have to spend a ton--it really is the thought that counts.

Things related to entertaining are great, because they allow your friends to host other great guests like you with ease. You can't go wrong with items like kitchen ware, barware and linens. And these are just a few fabulous ideas to get you started.

And no worries if your budget won't allow for you to purchase a hostess gift. There are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation for your friends' hospitality. Offer to cook dinner for your hosts one evening, or even to wash the dishes after they've made a meal for the household. A handwritten note would also be a lovely personal and unexpected gesture. Often, it's the smallest gestures that go the farthest, don't you think?

Are you traveling soon and staying over with friends? How do you show appreciation for their hospitality? Let's chat about it in the comments.