A Peek Inside My Workspace | Style Savvy Home

Decor - desk: Ikea by way of Craigslist | chair: Staples | lamp, candle holder as pen holder, sticky notes pyramid, cork board tiles: Target | planner, tape dispenser, storage tray, sorter: Staples | magazine holders (under desk): Dollar Store | pink flower clip: Michael's

monogram iPad cover + matching wallpaper: Etsy | Hello Kitty screen protector: Best Buy

I've found that one of the best ways to get creative, is to have a workspace by which you are inspired. Though I don't have an entire room dedicated to office space, I do have a sizeable master bedroom, and my workspace occupies one corner, next to the window and the gorgeous view of the woods outside.

AB found this beautiful desk for me on Craigslist after I published this post about my search for the perfect one for my home. I am especially fond of this one because within the glass top is the word "love", scripted in every language. Such a sweet sentiment and one of the words I live by, in that I try to approach everyone and everything I encounter with a loving attitude--especially my work. 

After I got the desk it took me FOR-E-VER to find the right chair, but I finally have and it was a steal for $99 at Staples. Staples! Who would've guessed they'd have such a great piece? And with additional touches for organization and storage on my desktop, my workspace is feeling much closer to completion. Though I'll likely continue to add to and update the space (I'd like to add framed photos to the wall space above the desk), it's already a place I love waking up in the morning and sitting down in to work.

Do you have an office or workspace that inspires you to to work harder and get super creative?
I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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