Savvy Style Chat {Natalie Live for The Tiny Closet}

In my April Month in Preview post, I mentioned having a "tiny" surprise for you this month, and today is the big reveal! I was over-the-moon to get to "chat" with Natalie Live for The Tiny Closet about her work, her style and her "Tiny Closet" (as well as a few bonus treats about her hair, her clothing line and those pairs of shoes, which you'll have to head over to the Pish Posh Perfect Facebook page tomorrow to read!). For our April chat, I present...

Natalie Live / The Tiny Closet

This (photo above) was one of my first blog posts and back when I was really experimental with my hair.  I was also really engaged with how my hair could really influence my styles and ensembles that I put together.  I wasn't shopping at all at the that time and found changing my hair also changed my clothing (even if I was wearing the same things). - Natalie

What is your full time gig?

My full time gig is working for my husband actually. He owns Media Design Elements and is a freelance photographer and videographer.

How does your occupation—accompanied with any other varying roles and endeavors--affect your personal style? And how do you transition your wardrobe throughout the day to meet the needs of these various roles?

My taste affects my personal style :) Nothing else. Every role that I play is my personal style - or else I wouldn't do it. I want to be comfortable and attractive always so for each role or event that I have, style blogging, dinner with my husband, cleaning the house, running errands, brunch with my girlfriends, I dress the part as the aesthetic I want to bring out. One major way I transition throughout the day though is making sure all of my outfits match a flat AND a heel. So that I'm not stuck for the day in either one!

This outfit became pretty popular on Tumblr and brought me a lot of traffic and wonderful encouragement.  I was pretty proud of my coordination and I was also very in shape then and had bought these coral pants in celebrating my hard work in getting fit.

What is the one piece in your entire wardrobe right now that you absolutely cannot live without?

My tees that I created. They are part of the Tiny Closet Collection and they're perfect for me. I can wear them with heels or beat up chucks since the fabric is versatile and they have an amazing drape and feel!

When thinking about what you’ll wear in the morning, do you prefer to go for style or function?

I go for both. Who doesn't want to be functional in their clothing?? Style over function is just not me - I want to be able to run or pick up my phone when I drop it, or not get the flu because my jacket was made to look cute instead of keep me warm, you know? Buuuut, I do want to be cute. So all of my clothes are aesthetically pleasing to me and they also each serve a useful function. Even my wedding dress was functional!

What are your favorite colors or textures to incorporate into your wardrobe or home decor?

This was my first post I did while traveling through the Philippines.  My opinion on my own style and clothing in general was changing every day and I think that's when I really began feeling free with my choices and just wearing anything I damn well pleased.  Sunny and happy times.

For clothing, I love pops of tropical, bright and jewel tone colors like fuchsia, cobalt, and yellow. I also love leather, cashmere and silk jersey. For interior design, I love harbor blue, crisp white, linen colors, ash browns, fur, high gloss finishes, I could go on...

The premise of your blog is based around your Tiny Closet, and the ability re-wear pieces multiple times, but in new and fresh combinations. So how often do you go shopping?

So for the first year of my blog, I had gone shopping maybe 6 times. And on average, I would spend between $10 and $40. So in 12 months, I had gone shopping 6 times. It was haaarrrrddd. At first. Then I realized how interchangeable my clothes could be and I could literally reinvent them every day so I didn't feel like I had to go shopping all that much. Currently I shop once a month but it's usually at the fabric store. My taste is way too fancy to be buying the things I love at a store so I make a lot things myself now.

When you do shop, what’s your favorite place to score super cute budget-friendly pieces?

Anthropologie always has amazing sales. Amazing. The Value Village on Capitol Hill in Seattle is dear to my heart and hands down ALWAYS has something I adore for under $10. Now that I live in downtown L.A., I am loving the clothing stands in the garment district. Vintage finds here are amazing. Oh - and Zara and T by Alexander Wang. Zara is phenomenal and I live in T by Alexander Wang.

I love this outfit because it's so boyish and charming but a bit edgy and urban.  I had started to bring more dynamic into my wardrobe focusing on androgynous looks with my clothing.  I turned my whole closet around with that change in perspective.

What 5-10 key pieces would you recommend other women get if they’re trying to build their own “tiny” trimmed down closets with a simple foundation of just a few quality items?

A Tiny Closet is all about the woman and what works for her. I formed my little wardrobe through exploring my interests and also by trying on lots of different clothes to see what I like. The foundational pieces I need in order to have a simple Tiny Closet are very different than that of another woman's needs. I have read allllllll the books and mags and blogs about "10 pieces every woman should own"... it doesn't work. It made me think I had to buy those things to be stylish. To be a woman. To feel complete about my closet. It didn't allow me to really think for myself and let my true interests guide me. Once I cut out all the outside noise of people telling me what to wear, I discovered harem pants (a key piece in my closet), I also discovered muumuus (another foundational staple). I have 6 pairs of harem pants and 4 muumuus and I wear them all. Would I recommend them as key items to others? No. What I do recommend is to go in your closet and try on every single item you own. If you love, keep it. Don't love it? Toss it. Once you're finished, try wearing the clothing you have left. For a while. Then assess what you need to complement/improve upon what you already have. That is The Tiny Closet.

Where do you go for lifestyle inspiration?
I go to the fabric store. Michael Levine's Fabrics. It is incredibly inspiring. I also go to Virgo, an indie clothing boutique in downtown. I religiously follow Karla's Closet blog as well as Remain Simple and Veronica Loves Archie blogs. Stunning photos that I stare at for hours and I end up with a universe of ideas when I'm finished.

You’ve noted before that your husband has great style, and has helped you to cultivate your own; what’s the best piece of style advice he has ever given you?

This shoot was purely fictitious and I had a ball that day playing dress up and pretending I was some exquisite Parisian woman at a cafe.  I got the dress out of necessity for an important cocktail party for work while on a business trip.  I am dying to have a need to wear it again!

He tells me to do my thing and just rock what I got most of the time. He's liking my style a lot more nowadays as it becomes more individual. He hates normal. Sometimes, he looks at me and says "it needs more" and I throw up my arms in exasperation saying, what more do you want?! LOL! He's so funny - sometimes I try really hard to impress him because he has such unique, cool taste.

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