Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 13}

With another week (almost) in the rearview, I am looking forward mostly to crashing after work with a bottle of white wine, my favorite sushi and a movie. Brain. shut. off. But the rest of the weekend will be spent bonding with my Mom as we prepare for her 60th birthday party next weekend. So I'm looking forward to picking up final touches while envisioning how everything is going to come together. I hope you are looking forward to your weekend plans as well (feel free to share them in the comments), but I of course have a few suggestions for passing the time, if I may? 

GLITTERRINGS had the pleasure of sparkling at the premiere of ABC's Dancing with the Stars a couple of weeks ago, and we've recapped the stars having a little fun trying things on (there was a "marriage proposal" involved). 

I was mentioned last week at Words & Wardrobes as one of 100 Brown Girls Blogging. This was such a super sweet surprise, and while I already read many of the blogs that were listed, there were several I wasn't aware of (including one right here in Baltimore). So I would definitely encourage you to peruse the list and see what new 'sites to love' you might discover! 

There are always wonderful lessons for living The Simply Luxurious Life at Shannon's blog of the same name, but this post from last week was right on time for me. The busier I get, the more important it is to remember to breathe and be present with whatever I am working on or whatever leisure I am enjoying. I think this is a great reminder for all of us, no matter what's on our respective plates. 

Last week's Net-A-Porter update was full of romance, with Rosario Dawson (page 9) showcasing some of spring's more whimsical trends in that uber cool bohemian glam way that she has about her. She also opened up a bit about her personal life, which was a nice "peek" into what fuels her. She is one of my favorite actresses to watch.   

On St. Patty's Day, I tried this raw kale and avocado pesto recipe over whole wheat pasta and it was ridiculously, amazingly good! And It took less than 10 minutes to whip up. I would absolutely recommend you try it if you have some time this weekend--you'll be delighted to find a perfect light option for spring and summer meals. You can see the other perfectly healthy recipes I  love, have made, or plan to try--by following me on Pinterest. 

The weather is supposed to be a bit milder this weekend (yay!): get into the spirit of spring by adding pops of neon like Kim Kardashian here and this blogger, rocking a pretty turquoise bubble necklace against pastel stripes and animal print. 

Sending all the love and magic I can muster (which is a ton!) to you Lovies! Have a wonderful weekend. And, if you'd like to keep up with me this weekend while I'm away from the blog, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@pishposhperf). 

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