Event Recap: Luster “You Be-Natural” Meet Up {AB Guest Post}

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend the inaugural Luster “You Be-Natural” meet up. The meet up was to introduce the attendees to Luster’s new all natural conditioning and strengthening hair system. The new hair system is a Keratin treatment that contains protein and DOES NOT have any formaldehyde or thioglycolates. 

It was a great informal event, which was highly informative. There were many high level Luster Products, Inc executives in attendance who connected with each of the attendees. We had the pleasure of meeting Theresa Luster and Lory Luster, President and CEO of Luster Products, Inc. who both shared the family’s vision of the brand and new product line. We also had the pleasure of meeting the technical expert and hairstylist for Luster, Kevin, who was very knowledgeable on the product.

I will admit that I have been skeptical and not quite sold on the effectiveness of natural Keratin treatments. I have heard so many horror stories from people with Keratin treatments that I put up a big wall where they are concerned. However, after this event, I must say I am more inclined to try this product. Kevin facilitated demos on two young ladies at the meet up, each with a different texture of hair; one model kept her hair curly and the other kept her hair straight. The process seemed fairly easy, yet a bit time consuming. HOWEVER, the results seemed well worth it. I witnessed both models comb through their hair with such ease--and the model with straight hair was able to blow her hair dry in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. AMAZING!!

The model who wore her hair straight looked incredible – her hair was shiny, full of body, and super straight. The model with the curly hair looked great as well – her hair was shiny, her curls elongated, and well defined.

I will be giving the You Be-Natural Keratin Strengthening & Conditioning System a go, so you know what that means: there will be a review in the future!

Fore more information on the system, please visit: http://www.youbenatural.com/

- AB
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