Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 11}

Happy Friday! We are all another week closer to our goals--doesn't that feel great?! This weekend, I am looking forward to sleeping in, longer workouts than I squeeze in on weekday mornings, catching up on Oprah + Deepak Chopra's 21-Day Meditation Challenge (which, this time around, is focused on "Perfect Health") and working ahead on my projects for next week. 

But back to this lovely week we are wrapping up. I did a little writing and a little reading around the internets and would love to share with you some weekend delights, if I may? 

In 'shameless self-promotion' news, I penned a couple of St. Patty's day inspired nuggets at both the GLITTERRINGS and COCOTIQUE blogs. I would love it if you would be a darling, and check them out, here and here

Many thanks to Natalie at The Tiny Closet for mentioning me/linking to me in her blog post this week. We've been having the best, most inspiring email conversation for a couple of weeks now--and she mentioned she might write a blog post about one of the things we discussed, so here it is and check it out--less because I am mentioned/linked and more because the outfit in this post is a little bit of um, EVERYTHING. I'm talking old Hollywood casual g-l-a-m. 

I am feeling inspired by this post at The Average Girl's Guide and this post at A Slice Of Glam to try printed pants on for size--even though I don't wear pants (save for the occasional pair of jeans). It's totally out of my comfort zone, which is why I'm kind of excited about the prospect...

Urban Bush Babes posted a wonderful interview/introspective about the amazing benefits of clean eating and living. Niurka's story about her struggle with her health is one that I think a lot of women can relate to on some level or another. 

And finally, Rosetta--my favorite Happy Black Woman--published an awesome post about a learning moment she had this week on how to deal with unsolicited, unkind feedback from strangers on the internet. I haven't had to deal with this much personally, but I understand that the more we bloggers expose ourselves, and the more successful we career freedom seekers become, the more we will be subjected to negative remarks and criticisms. It was nice to have a little "heads up" on how to deal. 

I hope you have something fantastic planned for your weekend, and I look forward to seeing you back here on Monday after you have had all the love and magic you could handle. Enjoy! 

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