Lifestyle Inspiration: Fit & Fab

So I'm back in the gym today, ya'll. Beginning with Europe last October, and going straight through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday--the workout habits have been poor. But I am ready to get back on track! Now that I'm older, eating well is not sufficient to keep me in shape by itself, I have to exercise as well. And since I want this body to carry me as far as possible, I have to keep it youthful. Mrs C and I were just emailing the other day about how we each want to be one of those awe-inspiring 90-year-old women who still does yoga and marathons and travels like crazy. So the sweat starts now. It's too cold yet for me to run outside (yes yes cold gear, I know. Doesn't work for me for extended periods of time, but that's another story for another day), so I finally got a key to the gym in my office building so that I can get cardio in there while the weather gets itself together (I mean seriously, can a girl get 60 degrees?) As I'm gearing back up I am looking for inspiration, of course--and yep, I have a Pinterest board for that. Also, I was in Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday grabbing a compression sleeve for my knee, and got inspired by all the cute workout clothes--think I'll buy some for myself as a treat once I get consistent again. You're not suprised that I would use shopping as motivation are you? Didn't thinks so ;-).

*photos via Pinterest