Well-Organized Closet: Ways to Maximize a Small Space

A well-organized closet with its available space fully maximized--no matter how large or small--is a closet that is more user-friendly for the woman to whom it belongs. Whether you own a ton of clothing and accessories, or maintain just a few basic staples, it is imperative that you properly store and showcase pieces in a way that you're able to find them with ease and make the most out of your items. While that can be challenging in a smaller closet space, it is certainly not impossible--especially with companies making more and more multi-purpose solutions for storage. Though I have a walk-in closet, it's not especially large so I have to be creative with how I keep things organized; here a few ways that I maximize my small space. 

Savvy Stacking
Stackable hangers, like these from Bed Bath and Beyond, save major hanging space by creating levels of clothing. Instead of everything vying for space on the same rack, you can hang 3-4 pieces in within the same space. 

Serious Shoe Spacing
It's such a small thing to be such a huge space saver, but turning your shoes in opposing directions creates enough room for at least one pair of additional shoes, depending on the length of your shelving. Since your shoes are shaped as mirror images like your feet, each one can fit into the curve of the other.  

Bevy of Baskets & Bins
In a small space, baskets and bins are perfect for storing loose items like thin scarves, tights and belts that can be tossed in together. And, when you get super cute ones (I have these from Target), they can add fun and color to your closet too. 

Shelf It
Take advantage of empty wall space in your closet by adding a bookcase or shelving unit that can house things like shoes, handbags and large accessories. Mine is a simple Ikea version that I've had for eons. 

Get Hooked
Add hooks to the wall either inside or just outside of the closet for easy and eye-catching storage for all your pretty pretty necklaces and thicker scarves; again--infusing more color into your space (remember: bright colors can make small spaces feel larger!).

Folded & Fabulous
Folding thick space sucking items like sweaters and jeans and tucking them away on a shelf will give you back precious hanging space; as well as keep your sweaters from stretching out, and your jeans from getting lines from being folder over or held in place by the clips on pant hangers. 

Seasonal Showing
Designers show season by season right? So why shouldn't you? Curate your closet like a pro by switching out seasonal items when the weather changes (this may not work in places where the temperatures are fairly consistent all year long, but it works very well for East Coasters). With the exception of a few pieces that can be cross seasonal (cardigans, print dresses that can be layered, etc.), I keep my spring/summer clothing stored away during fall/winter and vice-versa. I get more space back by removing items that I can't wear at the moment, and it's a fun surprise to greet all those dresses I forgot about when the warmer weather rolls back around--it's kind of like shopping in my {well-organized} closet. 

Speaking of shopping, cutting back on that probably saves space too, but that would just be crazy! ;-). How do you maximize space in your smaller closets and storage areas?