Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 9}

I will be spending most of Saturday loving up on my LNL Book Club girlies. We are headed to the annual Booklovers' Breakfast, sponsored by the local public library system, on Saturday morning; and then conducting our regular monthly meeting over snacks and bevs at a nearby cafe. These ladies are always full of conversation, insight and humor so I'm looking forward to engaging with them, as always.

I hope you have found something useful in this week's love themed posts, and I'd like to wrap up with a few lovely links from around the web for your additional reading pleasure--if I may.

I put together a Valentine's Day gift + style post for my client, GLITTERRINGS, featuring some of their jewelry pieces that are sweet enough to snag as a treat for your loved ones--or for yourself. I would adore you for taking a peek--and I promise that you will adore their baubles.

Other great V-Day themed guides I discovered this week included the Glitter Guide's Valentine's Day Gifts For Her and Simple Valentine's Day Ideas at Frugalista Married. This Valentine's Day Decor post at A Slice of Glam was also a fun find. Do you spice up your decor for the holidays? I don't but it's definitely something I want to start doing in the future.

Are you down with The Daily Love? If you're not down, get down. This daily email features insightful quotes, visual inspiration and an essay from author Mastin Kipp--and the messages are a great way to start the morning. Don't have time to read another daily email? I don't always have time to read it either--but it's comforting to know that there is always something helpful waiting in my inbox, just when I need a little push.

This might be a stretch on the love theme, but roll with me, k? You know how much you love your career (or how much you're loving the path to discovering what kind of career you'll love--especially if you're building a business)? And if you're a mom--you know how much you also love your kid(s)? Right. Well, unfortunately for women, balancing those two loves is often a delicate act; but luckily this week, Marie Forleo addressed 'How to Balance Being a Great Mom with Growing Your Business' in her latest Marie TV episode. Really rock star out-of-the-box tips, if you need 'em.

I am on pins and needles in anticipation of the release of the Prabal Gurung for Target LOVE Collection on Sunday based on the amazing lookbook released a few weeks ago. I've already chosen the items I'll be rushing to snag, including this oh so sweet graphic print dress and a pair of bright flats. Are you planning to shop the collection?

Whatever your weekend plans, I hope it is filled with lots of love and a heavy sprinkling of magic. Enjoy, Lovies!

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