Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 8}

Dolls, this weekend, there is nothing that I want more than to curl up under my cozy pintuck comforter and sleep, sleep sleep. It has been a long (and a bit stressful) week, with lots of extra early mornings; so I am looking forward to taking lots of time to refresh myself over the next two days. I see warm mugs of tea, glossy mags, a few pages of fiction and DVR action in my future. What will you be doing this weekend? I would love to make a few suggestions, if I may, for things that I found on the web this week which you might find interesting as well. 

To start, GG and I have decided to take a tiny break from posting at Peace Love and Pretty Things. We explain why here and hope that you'll continue to support us individually, and to reference our archives (which will remain live, along with our Twitter and Facebook pages) when you need some good old fashioned support or reassurance. 

GG penned a phenomenally honest and personal piece at her favorite online mag, XO Jane, that dives deep into her mother's mental illness, how she has recovered from dealing with her own issues, and how she plans to refrain from perpetuating an emotionally dangerous cycle with her own daughter. It's relatable, and with a bit of humor--as is GG's way. 

LE shared the sweetest, most adorable video with me this week. If you have ever been to, or plan to ever visit Paris, you will get a kick out of little Betty's excursion as well. Prepare to be charmed. 

The Coveteur gave a peek this week inside the closet of Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger/author, Emily Schuman--which I visually devoured. I'm a huge fan of her blog, and The Honey gifted me with her book for the holidays which I can't wait to dig into. She has a great eye for style and a drool worthy collection of accessories. Go forth, and get inspired.

And finally, circling back to the Peace Love and Pretty Things intermission, there might be times where I get in a 'PLPT frame of mind'....maybe... and want to share on topics like career, fear, friendship/relationships and self-development. Would you be at all interested in reading such things in this space? It's okay if your answer is "no"; I can relegate those topics to my journal. I'm just kind of brainstorming, and I thought I'd throw it out there....so let me know. 

Love, rest and magic to you, until Monday.