Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 10}

This week has been busier than usual--lots of prep work and planning for various projects and events, as well as a new opportunity on the horizon that I am VERY excited about--so I have relied mainly on visuals for inspiration. I did, however, find time to get my hair colored. I am bouncing around with shiny jet black hair, which I haven't had in years (my natural color being a very mousy dark brown), and it rocks. This last minute decision (and I use the phrase "last minute" loosely considering I've been pondering potentially making hair changes for months; yet I did not make a formal decision until I was at the shampoo bowl) has totally paid off. Other thoughts on the table include bangs and an angled bob. I'm a creature of habit though--often preferring to stick with simple styles that I know I love--so we will see if I ever decide to take the plunge!

I penned another post over at the GLITTERRINGS blog, this time showcasing how you can get Grammy red carpet accessory style for less with their stackable rings; give it a read if you're into gold plated goodness. 

And with that, I would love to leave you with a little style inspiration for this weekend, if I may. 

I'm spending some Valentine's Day QT with The Honey this weekend, so the next two days are sure to be sweet. Wishing you lots of style and sweetness, with a side of love and magic. Until Monday, my loves.