A Peek Inside My Living Room | Style Savvy Home

one shelf on my bookcase contains a stack of Lucky magazines, the most amazing smelling candle from Anthropologie, an awesome birthday card from GG from a few years ago and a few of my favorite spiritual books / another shelf has a stack of Allure mags, another favorite card from GG (I noticed while taking these pics that I have at least 3 things with the word "believe" on them on this bookshelf, including this card. It was subconscious but I love that I'm surrounded by constant reminders to believe in myself), a bunch of fun girly books and a photo of my young man when he was just a little tike / my ottoman is the centerpiece of the room in lieu of a coffee table. I got this wooden breakfast tray at Target and it fits in perfectly / These chairs are probably my favorite things in the room. With the script on the back they are soo Parisian! / I found this simple, chic Missoni area rug at a barn sale for like $80. I love the warm colors of the stripes. 

While I never quite feel like I've finished decorating a space, my living room is probably the room in my home that I would deem closest to being complete. While I still need to add wall art and some greenery to warm up a couple of empty spaces, it feels very cozy and that's my goal for every room. I try to mix in a lot of really personal items like my favorite books and cards I've received because those are elements I can create that are unique to me, which won't be duplicated elsewhere; they make the space feel like "me". I would love for this room to be much more feminine, but my young man is not having that! So I try to us more gender neutral colors--I still sneak in a ruffle or two though.

What are some of the ways you infuse your personality into your home?