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one shelf on my bookcase contains a stack of Lucky magazines, the most amazing smelling candle from Anthropologie, an awesome birthday card from GG from a few years ago and a few of my favorite spiritual books / another shelf has a stack of Allure mags, another favorite card from GG (I noticed while taking these pics that I have at least 3 things with the word "believe" on them on this bookshelf, including this card. It was subconscious but I love that I'm surrounded by constant reminders to believe in myself), a bunch of fun girly books and a photo of my young man when he was just a little tike / my ottoman is the centerpiece of the room in lieu of a coffee table. I got this wooden breakfast tray at Target and it fits in perfectly / These chairs are probably my favorite things in the room. With the script on the back they are soo Parisian! / I found this simple, chic Missoni area rug at a barn sale for like $80. I love the warm colors of the stripes. 

While I never quite feel like I've finished decorating a space, my living room is probably the room in my home that I would deem closest to being complete. While I still need to add wall art and some greenery to warm up a couple of empty spaces, it feels very cozy and that's my goal for every room. I try to mix in a lot of really personal items like my favorite books and cards I've received because those are elements I can create that are unique to me, which won't be duplicated elsewhere; they make the space feel like "me". I would love for this room to be much more feminine, but my young man is not having that! So I try to us more gender neutral colors--I still sneak in a ruffle or two though.

What are some of the ways you infuse your personality into your home?


  1. Love, love it, especially those chairs with the writing on the back. I have similar dark red pillows on white couches! I love that your magazines are perfectly organized! :)


  2. Oh! I love all the additions you've made!!! It's so very cozy and neat at the same time. I'm never ever ever bringing my kids over there ever again. LOL! Just kidding, but in the most serious way!

  3. I love that accent chair! I also really love how it's chic, yet still remains very personal and cozy. I like how everything is organized!

    -Chymere Anais

  4. This is a gorgeous space! I adore that bookshelf & chair. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment on campus so there isn't too much that I can do decor wise. But I do like to use some of my vinyl record collection as decor pieces :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. Your fashion is great; should've known your home would be perfectly styled as well. Looks great. That chair is really cool and I love the textured throw pillows. I got to a certain point on decorating our home and then stopped! It looks good the way it is...I could do more but I'm happy with the way it is.

  6. Hello,
    Please send me those chairs, beautiful! Love the space and vignettes with the family photos, books, and mags, very nice.


    1. LOL!!!! I am so obsessed with those chairs too. Thanks Robin!

  7. This look AMAZING! Love it. New follower here!!


  8. I like how you featured your cards, which adds something sentimental to the room. I like to mix picture frames with books as well:)


Thank you for all your perfectly posh comments. I appreciate you stopping by!

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