Style Resolutions for the New Year {2013}

As with everything else about my lifestyle, my personal style requires reflection and creation of a new set of resolutions for 2013. This is a process which I thoroughly enjoy and it’s interesting to watch my style evolve with my age and personality. I would not like, ever wear some of the things now that I wore in my 20s. Like, never ever. It’s also so much fun getting inspiration from sources like Pinterest, Instagram and other blogs. There is sooo much I want to try style-wise and I believe that, in combination, my resolutions will help me to expand into my comfort zone—knowing what works for my body, but being able to deliver it with a twist. There are some things that I’d like to continue but elevate or do more of; and a few things that I’d like to begin in order to end up with what I view as a more complete wardrobe, like:

Shop More Consignment

I started consignment shopping about two years ago, and I love the advantage of finding really unique pieces, or items with a story. I have a couple of go-to shops, but I’d love to expand my list of favorites in order to find more treasures. Each shop or boutique has its own voice, so the more places I can choose from the better the opportunity for me to find items to love that fit my style and preferences.

Fill in the Gaps

There are a few key pieces that I need to add to or replace in my closet like a denim or chambray shirt, a brown high heeled calf high or over-the-knee boot, a sexy red pump (I have a pair of bright red summer sandals, but there’s nothing like the shape of a classic pointed or open-toe pump), a khaki colored trench (my current one is navy) and a long camel or off-white winter coat. These are things that never go out of style and are easy pieces to grab when one is in a hurry with little time for over-thinking wardrobe choices (as I do incessantly—the over-thinking, that is).

Shop out of Season

I’ve always known that you can score great deals on clothing by shopping deals out of season, but I’ve never been one to do so. I usually have laser pointed focus toward snatching up pieces to wear right away. But I think it will be a pleasant surprise come June to pull that adorable summer dress out of a bin that I snagged during a winter clearance; or to find my new favorite pair of fall boots in April.

Curate a Selection of Party Dress

I’ve noticed that I have a nice little section of fun and vibrant party dresses at the front of my closet and I gaze at them constantly, longing for an event to which to wear them—BUT, I want more! I love pretty dresses and the stories and nicknames that get created around them with each event (I currently have a “cupcake” dress, a “candy stripe” dress, and “Pointer Sister” dress (lol) that I adore!).

Add Color

I’ve been working for a couple of years to go for less of the neutral and muted tones and more for vibrant color—for all seasons. I developed a good selection of color for summer, and am slowly doing the same for winter where I’ve tended to gravitate toward blacks and grays in the past—so boring! I want to brighten it up!

What about you—have you made any 2013 style resolutions? What do you want to add, change or remove where your closet is concerned?

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