Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 5}

This weekend I’m hanging with my girls! On the agenda: sushi, cocktail induced silliness, an haute pair of heels (for me at least) and we may even shake a tail feather or two. Can. Not. Wait. I feel like I haven’t had any quality girl time in awhile, and though it’s probably only been since right before the holidays, it always feels like way too long between each time we get together. This will also be the last time I drink alcohol in the next 30 days, so I am really going to savor that--which leads me to my second point about the weekend.

Also on the agenda during the two most wonderful days of the week: meal planning and grocery shopping. I’m starting the Whole30 program again on Monday and it requires a stocked pantry, fridge and freezer + lots of cooking (you can read about my first experience with Whole30 here). The last time there were moments where I didn’t have my meals set in advance and I almost starved in the decision-making process (I hate impromptu decision making. I am a p-l-a-n-n-e-r, honey. Any other way is for the birds!). So I’m really looking forward to having this experience again, to eating whole foods and to having tons of energy and clear, eczema-free skin. I’m also dedicated to making an edited version of the program my food lifestyle. After my initial Whole30 I went to Europe directly following and then the holidays came and there were just way too many treats to be had. This time it should be easier to transition the principles into my regular diet.

But enough about my weekend, here are a few lovely things I think you might like to do, if you’ll allow me to make suggestions?

Take a gander at this post at Ramshackle Glam, which really felt more like a conversation with an old friend than a blog entry. If you’re over 30 or married or have children—or have experienced any of the life changes that make you want to trade in your late night party pumps for a pair of cozy slippers—you will find it totally relatable too. I needed a reminder that relishing a different type of fun than I used to doesn’t mean my life is any less awesome. And don’t we all need that sometimes?

For my fellow bloggers, you’ll love this set of 40 Cool Things to Do With Your Posts After You Hit Publish at Pro Blogger. If one of your 2013 goals is to grow your site, you’re guaranteed to find inspiration here. I’m already planning to institute one task in particular.

Take a style cue this weekend from Baltimore stylist and event designer, Stephanie Bradshaw (pictured above from her blog), and pair winter white with classic black in seasonally appropriate fabrics like her velvet pants from J. Crew. Finish with a sexy shoe and a serious pair of shades--then off you go to take on the world! (And seriously, how amazing is that bag?!)

Lots of love and magic (and cocktails!), until Monday.

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