Posh Tip: 4 Ways to Avoid Feeling Broke

Despite what’s in your bank account there are ways that you can avoid feeling broke, and live in a state of abundance, which is what will attract even more abundance. As modern, multi-hyphenate, twenty and thirty something women we are ever so diligent at building our empires at this point in our lives. We work hard, so we want to play hard as well; and we want to look great and feel great while doing both. Sometimes, unfortunately, our budgets may not allow us to do everything at once.

No matter what your resources look like on paper right now, it’s what you think, speak and live that’s going to help change your situation. It will take time for the results of your plan to start to come to fruition, but what you can control in the meantime is your attitude about your finances. I know there is lots of practical advice out there that speaks to how to build your finances, but what I’m focused on here are the emotions that kind of swirl behind the scenes. Here are a few ways you can avoid feeling broke

Use you words for good, and not evil.
What we speak into the Universe is what gets brought forth into our lives. So if you say, “I’m broke”, you’re going to feel broke. Avoid language that makes you feel crappy at all costs. Remove words and phrases like “broke”, “poor”, “lack” and “I don’t have” from your vocabulary, and replace them with things that are positive. Try “I didn’t budget for that this month” or “now is not the best time for me to indulge, but with some planning maybe I can do that in the future”. See the difference? One set of words can make you feel like a helpless victim to your situation, while the other set shows that you have ownership over your financial choices.

Save and stash.
When I was going through my roughest financial period several years ago, it was nothing for me to shake my little jar of pennies into the Coinstar machine at the grocery store and turn them into dollars. But I notice that so many people disregard coins as though they are not spendable. Save all your coins someplace where you might forget about them, let them pile up for a few weeks or months—you’ll feel pleasantly surprised at how much extra cash you can end up with. Similarly, you can stash bills where you’ll forget about them too. You know that awesome feeling you get when you find a $20 bill stuffed in the pocket of last year’s winter coat? You can have that feeling all over your home. When you get paid, stick a $20 bill into the top drawer of your nightstand. Slip a $5 bill into a hidden compartment in your car. Stuff $10 into one of your shoes. Not only will you not spend that money right away, it will end up delighting you by coming in handy when you need it most.

Keep cash close.
A long time ago my mom sent me a financial article that suggested that in order to avoid feeling broke, you should keep one large bill in your wallet at all times, and that you should also avoid spending that bill at all costs. The article recommended a $50 or $100 bill—I started with $20. The idea here, though, is that as long as you have that bill in your wallet, the phrase “I don’t have any money” is null and void. I have never forgotten that suggestion because it worked for me; in fact, I still keep a bill tucked into my wallet even today; that idea helped me to not only know I always had some money, it helped me to visualize that bill growing and to imagine what it would feel like to have it multiply.

Treat yourself well.
Whatever it means to you, treat yourself well at all times. Whether that means wearing your most special wardrobe pieces, giving yourself a mani/pedi, eating really well or working out—do what makes you feel good as often as possible. The more positive you feel and the more energy you have, the better your outlook will be on your life and your finances in general.


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