DIY Hydrating Facial Scrub | Posh Beauty {AB Guest Post}

AB is a master of homemade beauty and spa products, so I always consult her when I need fresh ideas. This DIY hydrating facial scrub is a must-try. I'm grabbing materials this week!

Recently, Kim and I decided to take up swimming. I enjoy being in the water, but I do not appreciate what the chlorine does to my face and skin. After our second week in the pool, I made it my mission to find something to cure the dryness that was being caused by the chlorine. Looking in my closet of goodies, I realized I had the perfect items to make a nice facial scrub—no store run needed. 

What I decided to make was a hydrating facial scrub to help remove the dead skin cells and impart moisture back into my skin. My scrub consists of organic raw honey, with raw brown sugar and Grapeseed oil.

Why raw honey? Honey hydrates the skin and acts as a barrier against toxins. It even helps to even skin tone and assists with collagen production.

Why raw brown sugar? The texture of raw sugar is great for exfoliation!

Why grapeseed oil?
Grapeseed oil is a great toning agent!

How can you DIY this? It’s easy! Here are the steps:

Gather all your ingredients together to be mixed. The organic raw honey is very thick and sticky, so I suggest using a plastic spoon sprayed with PAM (or other non-stick cooking spray) to keep the honey from sticking too much. Add about 1 tablespoon of honey to 1/4 cup of raw brown sugar. Mix well. The consistency will be thick. In order to loosen it up a bit, add about 3 drops of grapeseed oil. It’s that simple!

After skin is thoroughly cleansed, take the scrub mixture and rub on your skin in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water (the water should bead up on your skin). This is such a great exfoliator—and it’s good to also use on just your lips! Who doesn’t love smooth skin and soft lips?!



AB describes herself as a “funky, intelligent, amusing, natural girl” who shares her musings at her personal blog, ..East of the Mississippi. She also uses her feminine point of view to counter the masculine opinions of her male BFF on topics like dating, relationships and online etiquette on a second blog, Friends Don’t Let Friends; where the “he said, she said” style banter incites plenty of laughter and discussion in the comments.

Cinched and Curved | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

To celebrate his birthday, The Honey and I headed to National Harbor in southern Maryland. The quaint little waterfront spot is a fairly new addition to the area, and is perfect for a quick getaway. We had a great time shopping, strolling along the pier, and checking out the merchants in the street market. 


Pinkberry Watermelon with mango, strawberries and yogurt chips

On Friday night, we dined at Grace’s Mandarin, a sexy Asian themed restaurant with tons of large-scale décor, from Buddha statues to massive Chinese lanterns. The ambiance made it too dark for food photos, but everything was definitely delicious. I opted for the crab cake meal with asparagus and sticky rice. The asparagus was drizzled with the most delectable sauce! He decided on the Mandarin chicken, which was smothered in a sauce that starts out sweet, but finishes with quite the kick! I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods, but I still found it pretty tasty. Dessert was in the form of mango mousse, and though I wasn’t sure what to expect when Honey ordered it, I couldn’t stop digging in until that sweet little mound was completely devoured. 

Following dinner, we had drinks at WXYZ Lounge, which was located in our hotel. It’s quite the trendy little lounge with several seating areas comprised of large, brightly decorated couch clusters, and a bar that’s lit with tiny flecks of light. Super cute. 

To my surprise and delight, there’s a Pinkberry at National Harbor so of course I couldn’t resist stopping in. I tried the watermelon yogurt (pictured above), a new addition for summer, and was not disappointed. It’s light and sweet and perfect for the season. 


Sartorially, this weekend ended up being about casual outfits and stepping outside my style comfort zone in form fitting cotton dresses, and a shorts romper. 

Friday night - dress: Calvin Klein / belt: Nine West / clutch (not pictured): DSW /
pumps (not pictured): Nine West; Sunday - dress: Marshall's / flats (not pictured):
Steve Madden / grey bag (not pictured): Urban Outfitters / new pink statement necklace: Francesca's

In general, I tend to go for dresses that are fitted at the top, have cinched waists and slightly flared or A-line skirts; this style shows off my waist, while hiding my hips. But I found that I actually liked wearing these more form fitted striped dresses that accentuated my curves. 

sunnies: Nordstrom / romper: Banana Republic / bag: South Moon Under / tribal print wedges:
Madden Girl via Marshall's / rings: GLITTERRINGS

On Saturday I spent the day in this shorts romper from Banana Republic. I wanted to keep it really simple this time, but I did try print mixing by adding a tribal print wedge, which I think worked nicely. However, I do have other plans for it as well. The leafy print gives it kind of a tropical feel, and styled with my bright orange statement necklace (seen here) and orange espadrilles (seen here) I think it will be totally beach vacation-ready. 

This weekend was the perfect combination of fun, snuggling and relaxation to lead into a rather busy week. Looking forward to a new endeavor that I hope to share with you on Friday! Stay tuned. 

Posh Pictures: My Week in Instagram Photos

This was a fairly busy week due to our event season at work, managing blogging and freelance responsibilities, and prepping for the honey's birthday celebration this weekend. Yet, somehow I managed to squeeze in a fair amount of fun, thanks to AB's spontaneity, and my inability to say no to her--and I even managed to capture some of it on Instagram (you can follow me there @ChicMommy1 if you don't already).

Clockwise from left: golf event attire & accessories / leftover spoils from the
event's 'ladies only' gift bags / giving some serious shoulder at the pool with AB
as we celebrated the first day of summer (and cooled off from the 100 degree weather)  /
Maryland summer classics: corn-on-the-cob, crab dip and
seasoned crabs at Ship's Cafe.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to quality time with the honey, and to a going away party for a good friend (though not so looking forward to saying goodbye to her). Hope you have something wonderful planned as well.


Posh Tip: How Google Calendar Helps to Manage a Busy Schedule

When you’re a busy girl—wife, mother, VP, entrepreneur, etc—organization is extremely important. I use several methods to aid me in keeping schedules and activities in check, but one of my favorites is Google calendar.

If you have an email account through Gmail, then you have access to Google calendar; and if you haven’t started using it yet, you should start immediately. Here’s why:

Being the amazing machine that Google is, they’ve thought of pretty much everything.

How do you like it? Preferred views

You can view your calendar by day, 4 days, week, month or even an agenda list—whatever your brain responds to most easily.

Why commit to just one? Multiple calendar access

Not only can you access and update your own calendar, but you can import the calendars of other Gmail account holders into yours, and view and update them all at once. For example, I can manage my personal Google calendar, as well as my son’s, and the one that GG and I use for our blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things—all from one screen. You can also invite other people to share in your appointments--like the joint bike riding venture that Mrs. E. and I will be going on in two weeks. 

Get pretty! Color coding

I’m a girly girl and pretty colors bring me happy (and I reject your judgment about it). So there’s something fun about populating my calendar in varying shades; but it’s mostly functional and helps me to determine which appointments are mine alone and which are shared. My color coding goes something like this:

Pink = my stuff (general)

Blue = my son’s stuff

Silver = anything involving the honey

Orange = freelance client #1

Green = freelance gig #2

Turquoise = workout schedule

Yellow = birthdays

I understand that my system goes a little overboard (organization is kind of a thing with me), so you definitely don’t have to dive that deep. But it’s helpful, especially if you have an active family, to be able to distinguish and prioritize activities at a glance.

To do list - Tasks

Need to remember to complete a task that you don’t necessarily need to assign a date to? Use the tasks feature. It’s in list format, and you can add dates and reminders if you choose—just like calendar appointments—but they appear on a separate section of the calendar screen, allowing you to distinguish between the two types of entries. This function also crosses off tasks as you complete them. I don’t know if this excites you, but I love the feeling of crossing something off a paper list, so this feature takes that one step further.

Plays well with others - Compatible sites

I have actually only seen this with Evite and similar online invitation sites, but there is an option to add events directly to your Google calendar from the invite you’ve received. This saves the time of having to manually open your calendar and toggle back and forth to put in all the info, as it populates the event name, venue, date(s), time, and includes a link to the formal invite. Considering that I receive most of the requests for my sparkling presence in this manner, I appreciate this as a time saving mechanism.

When you need a little nudge - Reminders

Receive notification about your events, at time intervals of your choosing, as pop us messages, emails or text messages that are sent directly to your phone. Not a revolutionary concept, but certainly a convenient one.

On the go! Syncing capabilities

If you’re using a smart phone (which in 2012, every superwoman should be), you have the ability to sync your online Google calendar to your phone. That means every appointment you enter on your phone syncs back to your online calendar, as well as the reverse. So you can access your agenda whether you’re tethered to the pc, or on the go.

Do you use Google calendar as one of the ways you manage your schedule? What do you like/not like about it and what do you wish it would do that it doesn’t already?

Recipe: Salmon Burgers | Posh Kitchen

I found this recipe for salmon burgers months ago on Shape.com in an article about new ways to eat oatmeal. I pinned it, along with a smoothie recipe, to my foodie Pinterest board then; but I finally had an opportunity to make the burgers a few weeks ago. They are made with fresh salmon, oats, green onions, mayo, mustard and fresh dill--combined in a food processor and formed into patties. 

First of all let me say, I am obsessed with the smell of fresh dill--I immediately went and searched other recipes I can use it for. I'll be whipping up a simple cucumber dill dip very soon! Secondly, these burgers were oh so delicious. They're lighter than a veggie burger, but certainly just as filling. I always use whole wheat or whole grain buns, and I served with sweet potato fries instead of regular French fries, since they're supposed to be slightly better for you.

Find the original recipe (along with 9 others that offer surprising ways to eat oatmeal) here.

Vibrant Summer Prints | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

This past weekend, Saturday was for browsing/shopping home décor and having brunch with AB. For this casual morning endeavor, I threw on an oldie but goodie from several seasons ago. I don’t wear shorts (well---with the exception of my new love for rompers, like this one), so a midi-length, comfy, cotton dress usually works well as a replacement. 

Saturday morning - dress: GAP / flats: Steve Madden / bag: South Moon Under /
accessories: Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, Cruzan hook

Cracker Barrel yumminess: mixed berry pancakes with berry syrup

Cracker Barrel yumminess: fried eggs and hash brown casserole (they're mixed with onions and cheese!)

After munching on hearty country-style cooking at Cracker Barrel, AB asked me to accompany her to a “day party” event in the city that afternoon. Since we live about 25 minutes apart, I didn’t have time to run home and change. But since we were headed to Marshall’s to browse their home section, I decided to see what I could find there. I was able to put together this great outfit for less than $50. I’ve been flirting with prints in a big way this season, but this was my first dive into the tribal print trend; I also don’t normally go for espadrilles, but these bright orange Steve Madden wedges were too adorable to pass up.

Marshall's budget snags! dress $18 / espadrilles $30

Sunday was for celebrating my wonderful father with the family. My mom, younger brother, son and I all went to church with Dad, and then treated him to dinner afterward. It was a very laid back day—much like my Dad’s personality. 

my dapper Dad

Sunday face - foundation: Cover Girl / eye shadow: ELF, Mac / mascara: Revlon / lip gloss and bronzer: Stila

new neck candy, snagged from Francesca's

Sunday - dress: Francesca's / peep toe pump, bag and belt: Nine West / sunnies: Nordstrom /
arm party: Rotary, Ralph Lauren, Cruzan hook

So this didn't happen over the weekend, but it happened, it was super yummy, and I had to share. I’d wanted to make a watermelon salad ever since I had it at a tasting for an event I was planning about a year ago. 

Arugula, watermelon, avocado, goat cheese, balsamic glaze

When I saw this recipe at The Average Girl’s Guide, I knew I'd be trying it that night. I subbed goat cheese for the feta in her salad, and added avocado--and boy was it muy delicioso!!! The perfect light summer salad, added in addition to a pre-seasoned bourbon salmon filet I picked up from the fresh market. I recommend you try it, and maybe even add your own spin!

Drool Worthy: Charlotte Olympia

From vibrant color, to surprise scallop detail, bright striping and retro sunnies—Charlotte Olympia consistently makes me drool over her heavenly designs and signature oh-so-high platforms. This week in particular, these three standout shoes were my favorite eye candy. (Feel free to stop by my "Shoe Crushes" board on Pinterest if you wish to obsess a bit more.)

This weekend, I’m looking forward to celebrating my wonderful Dad and spending some quality time with the family. Hope you’ve got a weekend full of love planned as well.

Color Struck: Hot Pink

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors, in all its varying shades, but this season I am particularly inspired by hot pink, neon and magenta. Wearing pink in such a bold hue is a fantastic way to make it fresh for spring and to stand out in a crowd. The girl in THIS color exudes so much confidence, and just looks like she can take over the world. I’m particularly loving (clockwise from left) this color-block maxi in pink and orange; the uber-girly ‘Audrey Hepburn’ feel of this bubble dress with bright accessories and may-jah sunnies; the simplicity of style maven Giovanna Battaglia’s (who can do no wrong in my eyes) shirt dress—with the color giving it a touch of drama; and this seasonal nail colour from Chanel in ‘rose exuberant’.

Photos via Pinterest: 1, 2, 3, 4

A Sock Bun, a Romper and a Road Trip | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

So much fun with friends this weekend, as my kid free summer kicked off. It is bittersweet each year when my young man heads to the shore to spend the summer with my parents; because I miss him a ridiculous amount--but, I’m also grateful for the break, and I try and use the extra time to both work harder and play harder (call me, we’ll hang out!). After his and my last road trip together for awhile, I headed to a fight/playoffs party.

romper: H&M / wedges: DSW / watch: gifted / bracelets: Pandora,
Ralph Lauren, Etsy / Ring: NY&Co

Temps were in the 90s so I went for a cool and comfy romper with wedges, a silver arm party and my very first sock bun (which I learned how to do by watching this super easy tutorial at the Wendy’s Lookbook YouTube channel)! It came out great, and it will likely be my summer bun staple—it’s so much easier than shaping the hair around itself.

On Sunday, an LNL Book Club road trip ensued to the home of this month’s host in PA, where she graciously hosted us "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style, while we discussed 50 Shades of Grey. The spread, which included Greek yogurt parfait, cranberry French toast, scones, turkey sausage, two quiches, eggs Florentine, tea sandwiches, tomato/basil/mozzarella skewers, fruit salad, cupcakes, wine and mimosas--was as beautiful as it was delicious.

Thanks to The Momo Momma, one of our fearless LNL leaders, we were also treated to an impromptu fashion show. She brought fabulous vintage dress finds for us to view and try on—which resulted in our host trying everything on, adding her own accessories and modeling. She looked gorgeous in them all.

In an effort to beat the heat that was sweltering again on Sunday, I was modeling a cute little yellow and black strapless number for the day, with black and wood wedges and my sock bun.

dress: Nordstrom (Brass Plum) / bag: South Moon Under / Wedges: Nine West

Sunday's accessories, clockwise from top left - earrings: Claire's / bracelets: Cruzan hook,
Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and random boutique / rings: Francesca's (stacked),
GLITTERRINGS (butterfly) / nails: Banana Republic "hot pink"

As an aside, I could not WAIT to get home and pop the cork on this delicious little Moscato number on Friday evening—it is one of my absolute faves and I highly recommend it if you like dessert wines. And on Saturday morning, for T’s going away breakfast, I made these delightful little pancakes—they came out so pretty! Love it when that happens.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

Drool Worthy: Miu Miu and Jimmy Choo

These crystal laden Miu Miu sandals seem straight from a princess fairy tale; and while it's rare to see a studded Jimmy Choo, this one maintains the integrity and grace that is central to the Choo brand, and does so in fabulous fashion!

Looking forward to some quality time with my young man this weekend before he leaves for summer vacation, and catching up on 50 Shades of Grey with the lovely ladies of LNL Book Club {our site has just launched btw, so feel free to click on over and check out what we're reading and sipping! and p.s. I penned the history and mission ;-) }.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned as well.

Photos via Pinterest

Posh Event: FashionEASTa Fashion Show

This past Saturday I attended the FashionEASTa Fashion event held in the Harbor East section of downtown Baltimore. The street was closed off at President and Aliceanna for this inaugural block party style event that included music, food and of course--a fashion show.

The runway presentation represented the best of what Harbor East’s stores have to offer, styled into an eye-catching mix of dress, casual wear and beachwear as well as several seasonal trends:

Tribal Prints and Pattern Mixing

These ladies showed off tribal prints and how fun it can be to confidently rock mixed and matched patterns.

Color Blocking

These dresses take the guess work out of color blocking with their alternating shades of neutrals and rich jewel tones.

Flirty Print and Floral Dresses

These flirty dresses in varying lengths would be the perfect addition to any girl’s summer wardrobe.

Great Accessories

The accessories—shoes and bags in particular—on the runway were standouts in snakeskin, pretty spring prints, bold neutrals and bright neon colors. Sadly, I was not able to capture the shoes from where I was positioned, but I was able to snap these covetable bags.

Sportswear and menswear were also featured. Many of the sportswear models (both male and female) showed off their skills and played to the audience, dropping down to demonstrate their impressive pushup form. And then there was this guy, who was man candy and he knew it!

Several of the shops in Harbor East participated in the runway portion of the event, having models styled by Bradshaw Styling in their clothing and accessories, including: Amaryllis Handcrafted Jewelry, City Sports, Handbags in the City, MAC Wellness, Sassanova, South Moon Under, Urban Chic and White House / Black Market. Hair and make-up for the runway models was provided by: DK Salon, Kobi DaySpa & Salon, and Spa Sante; and organic spray tanning was provided by Glam & Tan. Finally, local celebrity Sarah Caldwell of WBAL walked the runway as well in pretty pastels.

Post fashion-show, many of the stores were also offering discounts on the fashions that were featured on the runway. I slipped into South Moon Under and scooped up these fabulous neon and wood Steve Madden wedges and got 20% off my entire purchase (which included the flats for me, and tees for the kid that I mentioned in yesterday’s post).

The FashionEASTa event was a fabulous free event that I think would work just as well for fall as for spring/summer; perhaps the organizers will see fit to plan that. In the meantime, I look forward to attending (and shopping) next year!

Denim and Brunch | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

This weekend, my young man and I spent some quality time together, and I got some much-needed rest! 

saturday - dress: Francesca's / wedges: Nine West / bag: South Moon Under / studded belt: can't recall :-( / sunnies: Nordstrom

On Saturday, I was up early for errands: a quick visit to the spa, birthday gift shopping, grabbing movie tickets for the show the kid and I would take in later, and picking up a performance swimsuit for my swimming lessons which start tonight! Aside: I’m really excited to finally be learning how to really swim; I’ve been so embarrassed (well pseudo embarrassed…kinda) that I couldn’t up until this point. And I’ll be burning massive amounts of calories in the pool! Bring it on! 

pastel patent flat sandals from South Moon Under

After errands, T and I headed to a birthday pool party for the honey’s niece at the swim school near my place, where I nibbled on the most delectable pull-apart birthday cupcake. After the party, I dragged T downtown with me to the FashionEASTa fashion show that was being held outside in the Harbor East section of downtown (I’ll post more about this tomorrow) with the promise of food vendors, hoping he wouldn’t complain too much. He complained…a lot, but two new tee shirts and an ice cream later my offenses were forgotten. While he was scoping out new tees, I was holed up in the shoe section of South Moon Under, where I snagged a fun pair of flat sandals (above) in 3 shades of pastel patent leather—perfectly on trend for this season—and a pair of wedges that I’ll share tomorrow. 

T's new "fish taco" tee from South Moon Under

Circling back to T’s new shirts, the “fish taco” shirt made me crave, well fish tacos—so off to Baja Fresh we went for a late lunch before meeting up with our sweet cousin Tionah to check out Marvel’s The Avengers in 3D. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into super heroes and comics—but prepare to want to hit the gym hard after watching ScarJo in her skin tight black uh, uniform for two hours. We wrapped the evening up with late night Chinese, another movie On Demand and a cousins sleepover. 

with AB at Brunch wearing a simple black maxi dress and silver jewelry

On Sunday I met up with AB and another girlfriend for brunch at Blue Moon Café, where I had my mind blown. I’ve been hearing great things about this small breakfast spot in Fells Point for years, but somehow never made it there. I was definitely missing out. Fast forward through the hour and a half wait—which was totally worth it, by the way—and we were feasting on their famous Captain Crunch French toast--which quite literally melts in your mouth, French toast with fruit and cream, veggie potato pancakes and various omelets. I fear putting this in writing, but Blue Moon Café actually rivals Miss Shirley’s for the best breakfast spot in the area —a difficult feat at best. Great food plus a friendly wait staff and manager made this a super brunch experience. 

clockwise from top left: white wine at the fashion show block party / yummy pull apart birthday cupcake /
french toast with fruit and cream / veggie potato pancakes / Captain Crunch french toast

On Tuesday of last week, I had time to do this awesome polka dot mani, with a French mani polka dot accent nail, while iChatting with AB for about two hours; and it lasted through the entire weekend. 

OPI 'alpine snow' + Revlon 'black lingerie'

After a fun and restful weekend, I’m looking forward to a productive week. Hope you are too.