Style Savvy Weekend Rewind: Made, Snagged and Wore

A fairly low key weekend found me sleeping as much as possible and catching up with friends. But I did do some formal dress shopping with my little sis that was lots of fun—I can’t wait to see pictures from her big event!


On Sunday morning I awoke to: “I’m hungry! You said you were going to make breakfast this morning!” So I put together this little Mexican breakfast tortilla for my 13-year-old stomach. A few scrambled cage-free brown eggs, sprinkles of an organic “Mexican” cheese blend, chunks of fresh organic salsa, a whole wheat tortilla and viola! Breakfast tortilla! I didn’t have any, but the kid said he loved it and I think it looked lovely—don’t you?

I had a great time at my book club meeting on Sunday afternoon discussing (?) our most recent read A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali. At said meeting, I was forced to create crafts, and since I’m probably the least crafty person I know, those little guys may never see the light of day. But it was good to discover that I have friends who will cheer me on and bolster my self-esteem no matter how horrible I am at something. “You’ll get lots of practice and get so much better!” they practically chanted. Time will tell. But for now, I’ll stick to buying things instead of DIY-ing; everyone will be safer that way.


spring tops from Francesca's
yellow polish from Sephora

And speaking of buying things, I snagged a couple of lovely spring tops this weekend. Animal print is mayjah this season—and by print I mean shapes of actual animals, not leopard patterns. I thought these little ponies were just too cute to pass up, and I love the exposed zipper on this yellow striped top.

I’d been searching for a great yellow polish to add to my collection, and I think (hope?) I’ve found one in this Julep “Blake” polish.

how gorgeous is that curve?! * sigh *

A great red pump has been on my wish list for quite a while, and I thought I’d finally found the perfect one in this Jessica Simpson patent version. The heel height is perfection, and the cut is just beautiful. Sadly, said cut was a little too tight across the top of the widest part of my foot, creating a weird foot muffin top thing; and the store I was in didn’t have the next size up. I had to walk away from these lovelies on Saturday, but I’m hoping to find them again and have them fit!


nails inspired by my journal cover

denim dress from Francesca's

I got a little inspired by my darling journal cover and did a trifecta of pastel color on my nails this weekend, using OPI ‘Do you Lilac it’, OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ (seen here and here) and Ginger and Liz ‘Boy Toy’ (also seen here and here).

The orange accent on this denim dress is such a great pop of color, and I threw it on for book club on Sunday. It was so comfy and, with a scarf and a low heeled pump (and low for me is about 3 inches), perfect for the 70+ degree weather we got to enjoy.

How was your weekend? Did you do or wear anything you loved?

Creating an At Home Spa Experience {Guest Post}

Being a working mom, career-woman, wife, girlfriend etc, involves taxing tasks that can take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Unwinding and treating yourself is such a necessity, but it isn't always a practical financial endeavor. So, when Adriene told me about the relaxing at home spa experience she created, I knew it was something I would be trying--and that you guys would want to try as well.

Spa Week 2012 has just passed and I missed out on some amazing deals. I was pretty bummed about it, but every extra penny I have is going to Kim’s and my trip to Europe this fall. In desperate need of a blissful therapeutic escape, I decided to develop my own at home spa experience. Here’s how I did it:

Steam Spa

My plan of attack was to take a relaxing hot shower, treat my skin to a decadent exfoliation and deep moisturizer; then to give myself a quick “facial.” While pursing Whole Foods one day, I’d found the most amazing at home spa treatment staple – shower tablets. I purchased Aura Cacia’s Purifying Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Shower Tablets on that day and already had them on-hand. To use them, create a nice steam with your hot water, and place the tablet on the shower floor in direct stream of the water. WHAT A DELICIOUS SPA TREAT!


While still in the shower, I used Shea Radiance’s moisturizing sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin, followed by Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Lavender Pure Castile Soap as a body wash.


After my shower was done, I rubbed my skin with Shea Radiance’s Kalahari Whipped Shea Butter. Ladies, this is quite the treat for your skin—let me tell you why. I was unfamiliar with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, so I did a little research. Kalahari Melon Seed is a super rich and nourishing oil from the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. It’s the perfect moisturizer for dry thirsty skin. The scent is a little different: a mix of an earthy fragrance with sweet smoky notes – very hard to describe, but a delight!


After my body was well exfoliated and moisturized, it was time to tackle my face. I used a mix of castor, hazelnut, and jojoba oils to cleanse. Then took a white wash cloth, ran it under hot water, and draped it over my face to simulate steaming action. I did this twice. Finally, I patted my face with a mix of Grapeseed oil, witch hazel, lavender and lemon essential oils. Ahhhhhh!!! This mix is not only moisturizing but the Grapeseed oil has toning capabilities aided by the witch hazel. The aromatherapy from the essential oils was both calming and pleasurable.

After my in home spa experience, I felt refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated!

What’s your favorite at home spa treatment? What products are you using? Here’s to beautiful vibrant skin!

Photo via Pinterest


AB describes herself as a “funky, intelligent, amusing, natural girl” who shares her musings at her personal blog, ..East of the Mississippi. She also uses her feminine point of view to counter the masculine opinions of her male BFF on topics like dating, relationships and online etiquette on a second blog, Friends Don’t Let Friends; where the “he said, she said” style banter incites plenty of laughter and discussion in the comments.

Beauty Fix: Bliss Body Butter

During my most recent trip to Sephora, I restocked on Bliss Blood Orange Body Butter (try saying that 5x fast), a moisturizing cream that I’ve become a huge fan of. The Blood Orange + White Pepper smells amazing, and it is highly moisturizing without being too thick or too greasy.

The paraben-free formula of this “maximum moisture cream” includes moisturizing and softening agents like coconut oil and vitamin E—making it great for normal skin, but especially helpful for dry skin and eczema.

This Bliss product retails for about $30 at Sephora. Next up on the “to try” list: the Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter. It just sounds like serenity.

Do you use Bliss products? Which ones are your favorites?

Stripes Day to Night | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

dress: Francesca's / cardigan: Forever 21 / flats: Steve Madden / bag: South Moon Under /
glasses:  Marc by Marc Jacobs / jewelry: Tiffany, gifted, random boutique

This weekend was a pretty laid back one. There was a little bit of friend time, a little bit of family time and lots of quality time with the honey. Saturday’s weather was absolutely gorgeous during the day, prompting me to slip into a little striped, strapless number I snagged recently from Francesca’s. Because it’s so early in the season I didn’t feel comfortable with my shoulders completely out, so I layered with a cardigan. For day, I kept my shoes casual in a black flat, and my jewelry minimal.

denim jacket: Old Navy (?) / belt: Francesca's / wedges: Nine West

forgive the picture quality here. the honey is still getting used
to his role as photography assistant.

Saturday evening, I punched it up a little, switching out the cardigan for a dark denim jacket to block out the chill--and belting the dress for definition at the waist. Finally, I switched out the flats for a black and wood wedge so I could stand a little taller next to the honey’s 6 feet, 2 inches—and I was ready for a bit of shopping, and a casual date night dinner. 

I tried something fun with my nails this weekend as well. I used Zoya ‘Bevin’ (also seen here) on all my nails, except for my ring finger which I painted white with OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’ (also seen here). Then I added green polka dots to the white nails using the round edge of a hair pin. I think it turned out great—fun, but not too over-the-top!

 The weather has turned pretty ugly since Sunday, but Friday and Saturday were great for showcasing your spring style. What did you wear this weekend?

Style Savvy Weekend Rewind {NYC}

This weekend was jam packed with love and celebration, as it was both the kid’s and my mom’s birthday weekend. For T’s big 13, I surprised him with a day trip to NYC to eat, shop and just take in the city. Even Mother Nature cooperated, as the weather couldn’t have been nicer! And on Sunday, we celebrated Mom’s birthday with brunch at Baltimore restaurant institution, Miss Shirley’s.



Dallas BBQ is known for its yummy barbecue, huge beverages and massive portions. I had a southwestern black bean veggie burger--of which I could only manage to eat half—and fries, which were especially divine since I hadn’t had starches in about two weeks. I think this hilarious Yelp review says it best:

“Dallas BBQ is insane for so many reasons. All very good, very filling reasons. The restaurant is huge. Huge. Huge. Huge. Three floors huge. Escalators huge. The drinks are huge. Get some food. Don't order apps unless you haven't eaten in 3 years or are going to split them with 12 other people. Any way you slice it, you're going to get a plate piled high - and it’s going to be delivered to you fast. Like lightning. Nothing is overpriced - this place is actually one of the cheapest NYC dinners with drinks we've ever had. If you must have a side - get more cornbread. Immerse yourself in the carbs, fat, sugar, that, when combined, makes for one hell of a tasty meal. Walk out (or escalator out) for under $60 (with tip) for two and then walk a lot of blocks to make yourself feel better about what you just ate.”
Dallas BBQ
241 W 42nd St
(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10036
Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Theater District


I’m a huge fan of frozen yogurt, and Pinkberry is probably my favorite, so I’m always excited to stop in for that frozen deliciousness anytime I’m near one (which is generally when I’m in NYC, even though DC was recently graced with one and it’s a much shorter trip). I tried their new Mango yogurt, and added chopped mango, strawberry, yogurt chips and caramel sauce—and I devoured every last delightful drop. DJM.

7 W 32nd St
(between 5th Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10001
Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Koreatown


No trip to the city is complete without sampling a street snack and Nuchas’ Portobello and spinach empanadas definitely hit the spot! 

Broadway Plaza
New York, NY 10036
Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Theater District
Latin American/Food stands

Miss Shirley’s

I am obsessed with this place, and though everything I’ve ever had here tastes amazing, I have a tendency to stick with a few key dishes. This time it was the fried green tomatoes with aioli drizzle and white chocolate raspberry waffles. Of course, no brunch would be complete without a mimosa!

Miss Shirley’s
513 W Cold Spring Ln
Baltimore, MD 21210
Neighborhoods: Hampden, North Baltimore


We spent most of our time in NYC between Midtown and Times Square, and as usual Times Square was packed with a host of characters and street performers. Naked Cowboy was in the house in all his glory (pun intended), and apparently his idea to play guitar on the street naked (except for underwear and a cowboy hat) caught on because Naked Cowgirl is now making the rounds as well. I also spotted two of my favorite animals: the cat and the mouse. My besties already know I’m talking about Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse—both with whom I’m still obsessed in the most adolescent chic way possible. I don’t generally give in to tourist traps, but since Hello Kitty practically accosted me, I went ahead and had T snap this photo with her (for a small tip, of course).


The day was all about the young man, so I didn’t snag anything for myself, but he did rack up some nice additions to his wardrobe. He scored several shirts, some jeans and a hoodie from Aeropostale (this and Hollister are his favorite stores now), as well as a pair of classic Nikes and a Yankee fitted that would make any New Yorker proud.


Dress: Asos / cardigan: consigned / flats and sunnies: Nordstrom / bag: Lettie Gooch Boutique /
 jewelry: gifted, St. Thomas and Francesca's / nails: ButterLONDON teal and Ginger + Liz 'boy toy'

The weather was warm and amazing this weekend, and that called for the donning of dresses with bare legs! On Saturday, I played around with color blocking, layering a pleated orange Asos dress with a yellow cardigan—and my navy trench coat in the morning and evening when it was chilly. I finished the outfit with my leopard print flats (also seen here) and a raspberry sorbet colored crossbody bag (mentioned here) for a look that was comfortable but still cute. For Sunday brunch with my parents and T, I wore my favorite hot pink dress with the exposed zipper in back from Asos, with a basic black flat sandal (because my feet were killing me after 9 hours of walking on Saturday and needed a break!).

Overall it was an absolutely amazing weekend filled with lots of family time, a few hours of quality time with the honey—who met us in the city on Saturday and hung out for awhile—and lots of love!  But most of all, T was extremely pleased with his birthday surprise, and kept thanking me—even on Sunday. Nothing pleases a mama more than to make her baby smile, right?!

How was your weekend? What did you do to enjoy the warmth?
Feel free to dish in the comments!

Where to Find Amazing Sunglasses for Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

Fabulous sunglasses should be a wardrobe staple for spring and summer, and it is easy to find amazing ones, at fair prices, that fit your face and your style—if you know where to look.

“Sunnies” have a transformative property. They can take your outfit from “cute” to “superstar” in 2.2 seconds, and they protect those beautiful eyes from harmful UV rays. Win win. So where do you find these miracle makers?


ShopBop sells designer items for the current season—so you won’t be shopping the spring 2011 eyewear line at a discount. But, if you’re a spendthrift, no worries--they certainly carry brands that will be more conducive to your budget, with many pairs priced at under $200. 

Ray-Ban’s aviator shades are legendary, and they get an update with mirrored lenses. I swoon over aviators every summer, but alas my round face keeps me from finding the pair perfectly suited for me. But I’m not giving up!

You should wear this style if you have an oval or square shaped face; they’ll add interesting dimension.

Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale sites like Gilt.com, Hautelook and others make sure their merchandise is seasonally appropriate—but you’re often shopping collections from the year prior, making this is a great way to score designer digs at affordable prices.

Hautelook is having a Chloe sunglasses sale this entire weekend! This pair of women’s ‘Marcie’ sunglasses has a classic square shape, and of course—black goes with everything. But if you’re feeling adventurous, they come in red as well! 

You’ll want to wear this shape if you have a round, or an oval face; the square shape of the frame will work to make round faces look leaner--and oversized sunnies even more so! But if you have an oval face beware of proportion (smaller face, smaller frames and vice versa).

*Caution: flash sales can be pretty competitive, with the best items going first. Check in often, have a plan of attack for the type of items you’re looking for and shop quickly!

Department stores (and their websites)

Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Saks carry luxury. If you want the newest, hottest pair of frames for the warm weather, this is where you should look. (But of course you can find their previous season’s wares in their outlet style stores like The Rack and Off 5th).

Particularly drool worthy for me are these sexy Ferragamo oversized sunnies in Ivory (above), with brown gradient lenses. The color gives them a very old Hollywood feel, in my opinion. These Tom Ford ‘Margot’ oversized sunglasses (below) are To. Die. The grey frames with the gradient smoke lenses are so lush, and you don’t see this color in shades often. I love them.

Wear this shape if your face is more of an oval or a square,  for an ultra chic and softened look.

There are so many resources now for finding what you want at the price you’re willing to play. I snagged my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies from Bluefly last year, and a fun pair of purple D&G sunnies from Marshall’s that have lasted several years.

What is your go-to spot for finding amazing sunglasses for your spring and summer wardrobe?

Wish List: Pastel Pumps for Spring

I wouldn’t label myself a risk-taker when it comes to overall style; I like simple, classic pieces and I know what works—so I stick to it. BUT, there is one area in my wardrobe where all bets are off, and that is where the shoes are located. I love love love a killer statement shoe (like these, these, these and these) to properly punctuate an ensemble.

This spring, feminine pastel colors are dominating. The Easter egg palette can be seen on nails, jeans, clean tailored blazers, and yes—on shoes. This is a statement I definitely want to make! And these darlings are high on my wish list.

Clockwise from top:

What trend do you plan to incorporate into your wardrobe for spring?

Nesting | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind


clockwise from top: quinoa, grilled squash, steamed broccoli, salmon cake

On Saturday AB came over for a little quality friend time and I made a healthy dinner--of salmon cakes (made with whole wheat, gluten free breadcrumbs), grilled squash, steamed broccoli and quinoa (cooked in vegetable stock)—for us to enjoy. It was a yummy and filling meal; and for dessert: Chobani non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, topped with honey and fresh strawberries.


new balcony chair cushions

newest best friend photo, far right

I nested quite a bit this weekend; cleaning, straightening, and buying small items to start freshening my place up for spring. I found these adorable chair cushions at Marshall’s—one in black paisley and one in pink paisley. They are SO soft and comfortable—perfect for warm spring days and cool summer nights to be spent on the balcony.

I also finally framed this adorable picture of my two best friends and I (my sisters!) that was taken at my birthday outing (which you can read about here) and added it to the sofa table where all the other pictures of us together reside. This little table makes my heart smile.

A super soft shag area rug, and curtains for my living room rounded out the weekend’s purchases, but I have yet to organize them.


sweatshirt: Target, jeans: Old Navy, flats: Nordstrom Rack,
ring: NY&Co, silver hoops: Claire's

For Saturday errands I kept it casual in jeans, a sweatshirt and leopard flats. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of leopard print flats and I was thrilled to find them on Friday afternoon, and to have cause to wear them right away. They have padding at the arch of the foot that work as tiny miracles since I have ‘falling’ arches that cause quite a bit of pain when I’ve been wearing flats for several hours. Their comfort makes them the number one footwear candidate for my day trip to NYC next weekend (I’m taking the young man for his birthday, but he doesn’t know. Shhhh!)

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the Easter holiday? Do share!

Why I Heart Instagram

I have begrudgingly begun to admit that my life, and my blogging, have improved exponentially since acquiring an iPhone—one of the top 5 reasons is FINALLY being able to access Instagram, which I'd heard so much about but sadly couldn't view or use.

When I was a Blackberry user, I thought that iPhone users (AB in particular) were just close-minded snobs who refused to see the value in technology besides what they owned. I totally acknowledged Apple’s greatness—I just didn’t believe it was the only thing that could be great (does that make sense?).

Well, I finally get it. Just call me s-n-o-b. But back to my point.

Instagram is a photo sharing app unique to iPhone users (and actually, now Droid users as well) that allows you to capture snapshots of your life and share them with followers. You can also edit and add filters that make gorgeous pictures—even from those that you would normally find unfit for sharing. It has been great for me because:

I can take better photos

The iPhone camera takes amazing photos, and editing with apps like Instagram and PicStitch (which creates collages of multiple photos) makes it so much easier to capture the story I’m trying to tell without always having to take a full body shot of myself. I might love my shoes, but be having an awful hair day. This way, the shoes still get spotlighted. And—when I use Instagram photos for the blog, they’re all the same size. No pesky cropping and right clicking needed.

Another way to connect

my new fav color for spring: hibiscus

I can give my followers a glimpse into my everyday life that I can’t share as easily here. By acquiring more pictures that I love, I can share all the outfits, accessories, good hair days and healthy meals that would never have made the blog previously because I just couldn’t get the right shot. And I can share them with simple, short captions, as opposed to writing full blog posts.

More Metrics

this is currently my most liked photo

This crazy smart and informative blog post at Grit and Glamour introduced me to Statigram, an online application that allows you to view Instagram photos online, and gives the most fantastic detailed metrics about the photos you share, who you follow and who follows you. It also allows you to create an Instagram tab for your Facebook page, and can create a custom Facebook cover photo collage of your Instagram photos. That cover photo alone was a life-saver for me because I hadn’t yet found the right one that had the feeling of the blog, and fit those pesky specs. But I digress—bloggers love metrics. Now I can see what types of photos people respond to the most, which helps me to come up with more post topic ideas, and to create more of the blog posts that my readers will want to see on the site.

I am totally obsessed with Instagram, so if you are an iPhone (or Droid) user, feel free to follow me there! My username is @chicmommy1 (the same as my twitter handle). If you’re not an Instagram user, never fear—you can “like” my Facebook page, and follow my Instagram RSS feed from there!

Are you an Instagram user? How much do you love it?

Style Savvy Weekend Rewind: Ate, Saw, Sipped and Tried

This weekend was mostly about rejuvenation and family time—both were much needed.


On Sunday afternoon I drove T down to the shore for his spring break vacation with the grandparents, and we headed to Brew River for dinner with my mom. I successfully blew out my weekly desired calorie limit and healthy diet with yummy crab stuffed mushroom caps and coconut shrimp. The restaurant also brings out a bread basket full of soft, warm muffins and raisin bread drizzled in melted icing—absolutely divine! (And I generally don’t get very into breads, so if I’m endorsing, it must be good.) If you’re headed to the beach (Ocean City) this summer and have time to spare, take a quick detour off Route 50 into Salisbury and check out this restaurant on the river. What it lacks in indoor atmosphere, it makes up for on the plate--and with the outdoor seating overlooking the water.

Brew River Restaurant and Bar
502 W Main St
Salisbury, MD 21801
Seafood/American/Sports Bar


On Friday night, I saw The Hunger Games for the second time—this time with my young man. Watching it the second time around, I was able to pay attention to more of the little details and I have to say, Effie Trinket is by far my second favorite character in the movie (Cinna rates first, because, well…Lenny Kravitz. Nuff said). I love that Elizabeth Banks was able to really bring Effie’s personality to life; and that the movie’s costume designer was able to so beautifully put together the color and design of her outfits, hair and makeup so flawlessly. And she is wearing a mean pair of stiletto booties in the reaping scene!

I wasn't feeling my best during the day on Saturday, so I mostly curled up on the couch in my PJs while my wonderful young man brought me tea in my favorite mug. During my couch time I checked out two movies ON DEMAND: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Help.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was very dark, and a little confusing. The book has now moved from my ‘to read eventually’ list to my ‘to read immediately’ list because I need to know more. Despite whatever details I may have been missing to fill in the blanks, Mara Rooney acted her tail off, and I can definitely see why she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Having read The Help previously and finishing with mixed emotions, I’d been in no hurry to watch the movie. It met my meager expectations, but again—I think the actresses all did well with the roles they played and were also well deserving of the acclaim they received in nods and nominations this past awards season.


One of my favorite red wines is Fiore High Heel Slipper semi-sweet red. If you’re thinking I picked it up because of the fuzzy red slipper on the front—you’re absolutely correct! But it’s also a favorite because it’s a Maryland wine, and because I prefer a sweeter red to a dry one and this one hits the spot. It’s sweet without being overly sugary. 

High Heel Slipper
Wine Description & Tasting Notes:
A seductive red wine with lush cherry and caramel flavors that are fresh and lively while lingering on the tongue. The perfect wine for an evening of Romance and imagination....750 ml, 12 bottle case, Alcohol 12% by volume.

Food Pairings:
Fresh Strawberries, chocolate or even better chocolate covered cherries

I tried cleansing with Philosophy’s Purity one step facial cleanser, one of the items I received in the swag bag from the Towson Town Center Happy Hour Tour I attended a few weeks ago. It worked well as a cleanser, but beyond that it made my skin feel deeply moisturized—more than some of the other cleansers I’ve used. It almost felt like I’d already applied moisturizer after cleansing. To that end, it lives up to its description:

It’s definitely something I’d be willing to purchase as I think it would be great for my eczema.

All in all, it was a really good weekend. Hope yours was as well! Feel free to share some of your favorite moments with me in the comments!

Photos: 1, 2, 3 (my own), 4

What it is formulated to do:
Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a ph-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. The best-selling cleanser contains infusions of sage, chamomile, and carrot.

What else you need to know:
Purity Made Simple is part of a collection of Philosophy products designed to soothe even the most dry and sensitive skin.